Talk Back – Do you like promoting your book?

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Talk Back – Tell us how you write! 

Oh I hear you all now.

Of course I hate the promo part of being a writer, you say. I’m an introvert! I hate having to go out there and try to convince people to buy my books!

I hear you because that’s exactly how I react if someone asks me.

Yet, I can spend hours on Facebook and Twitter chatting to stranger because well, I tell myself, they are potential readers.

I can spend hours looking on the web to see whether I should choose Instagram over Pinterest over Tumblr because hey, I have to stay on top of my promo game.

I can spend hours writing daily posts about myself on my personal blog because I think that’s what sells books (especially the part about choosing that very pretty picture that goes with the post which takes a long time to do).

And again I can spend hours designing the layout of my website, blog, bookmarks, ads and all that because you know how important that is!

And let’s not forget how I must go to writer’s conferences, dress up as a vampire, sample fancy drinks and frolic with cover models to increase my book sales!!! (Yes Honey, all writers HAVE to do this and that’s why I’m taking money from the kids college fund to go away and promote my novel! It will pay off in the end, don’t you worry!)

And guess what, I LOVE doing that stuff! Love it so much that I can lose myself in it. Love it so much that it is sometimes easier to work on promo than to write the damn book that never end.

So my own problem is that there is a huge part of promotion that is so much fun that it makes me think that I’m working, where in fact I’m just “playing author” while the real work (aka the actual writing of one book then another then another) is not getting done!

Hence why I reduced my online presence dramatically in the last year to focus on improving my craft and write more.

So tell me, how do you like the promo aspect of your writing career? Do you like it too much? Not enough? Things you love? Things you hate?

Your turn to talk back!

Much love,
Marie-Claude xoxox


14 Responses to Talk Back – Do you like promoting your book?

  1. Eva Gordon says:

    So how much time do you now devote to promoting? And is it effective?


    • Eva – right now I do no promotion at all but then I don’t have any books to sell.
      Perhaps other writers like Jenn and Candi could weight on this – time and effectiveness.

      But I can tell you that I did a huge amount of promo for my Dorchester release and had the same sale numbers as a friend at Dorchester with a debut novel and she did very little promotion. She did however have another book to submit when Dorch went down and I had nothing because my time had been spent promoting.

      So everyone is different I think.


  2. I love promoting for others but I hate doing it for myself. I always feel like I am beating people over the head with the same material, so I hardly promote my books unless there is something important to announce or say.


  3. Renee Regent says:

    Totally get your point- so true! I try to keep my promo “rounds” to about an hour a day, at the most. I do know some people who block their computer for a number of hours so they can write. We all have to find whatever works!


  4. It’s not really that I hate it so much as I am burnt out after three plus years of promoting my novels–self and pub house. Also like you I have had to cut back on social media which by the way I burned out on too.
    The one thing I do hate is the insane competitiveness of promotion. It can wear you out, depress you, and frustrate you to no end. Right now I’m laying low for a while.


    • PI I never realized there would be competition. How sad. We should really all help each other. Right?


      • I didn’t mean competition in negative terms. I just meant that there are so many authors now with access to publishing that the field is just enormous. Sorry I should have been more specific.


      • Thanks for clarifying 🙂
        It’s very hard now with so many authors and do many options to publish. There are so many new books out there – I wouldn’t even know where to start in trying to be heard. I’m not sure what the solution is, what works.


  5. My only concern is whether or no what I’m doing is working. There is so much contrary advice. The bad part of it is that it cuts down on my writing time.


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