Talk Back: What are your summer writing plans?

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Talk Back – Tell us how you write!

Does your writing schedule change during the seasons, or does it stay pretty much the same?

Here in Seattle, schools are out and it means kids are now at home for the summer. When I was at home with my kids, summer meant that my writing time was short and I had to plan around them. Now that I am working as a teacher and that my kids are in middle school, things have reversed and it means that, starting Tuesday, I will finally have time to write more.

So I’m hoping to finish, or at least get the major part of the current project I am working on. I am a little worried that the summer weather and restless kids will prevent me from doing as much as I want, but that’s the plan anyway.

So how about you? Are summer more productive? Less? Distracting or a better time to focus? You tell me!!

Much love,
Marie-Claude xoxox


11 Responses to Talk Back: What are your summer writing plans?

  1. My summer writing time changes because of gardening and camping. We have a large yard, and while 90% of the plants are perennials, weeding sill has to be done to have everything looking its best. As well during July and August, we usually go camping and when we do, it’s in the mountains, without electricity–that means no computer, no Internet, no phone. I take paper and pencil with me to jot down ideas, but I do no writing. I get caught up on my reading instead. My e-reader gets recharged in the car on the way for groceries!


  2. I’m an empty nester, so no changes here. Except for Nationals. Tweeted.


  3. Jeanie Bread says:

    My summer means more freedom for me. I do taxes and because of having to take tests before the season, I am busy with that from Nov to April. So first I took 2+ weeks and went to the east coast, Maine to MA to PA. Now I am spending some time doing photography and writing. I realize that I can write all year but I was so busy this year that I neglected it. So where is my passion? Writing and Photgraphy…no brainer, enjoy what I can do this summer and maybe I can do it ALL year ❤


  4. jbrayweber says:

    LOL! My post this week is about this very subject. Stay tuned! 🙂


  5. Mae Clair says:

    I’m generally less productive. I write on Sundays and I try to maintain that schedule during summer, but hubby and I have a pool in the back (along with a nice outside living area) and it tends to be a HUGE distraction. On the plus side, I do a lot of dreaming up stories while in the water, LOL!


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