Introductions Are In Order

Well, hello there! 

I’m Saranna DeWylde and I’m so very pleased to share that I’ve been invited to join Musetracks. I had kind of a fangirl moment because I’ve always loved the blog and the ladies who run it. Seeing as this is my first post, we won’t get too hot and heavy. I think some hand-holding and dinner is in order.

To celebrate, I’ve decided to give away a copy of my upcoming book Desperate Housewives of Avalon. So what do you have to do? Nothing, really. Just introduce yourself and tell me who your favorite author is and why or alternatively, what kinds of posts you’d like to see from me. Nothing too complicated. I’ll post the winner on next Friday’s blog. 🙂

Desperate Housewives of Avalon

The Desperate Crew is back with a romp through the resort island of Avalon when Aphrodite convinces Artemis it’s past time for her to get her V-card punched. Artemis doesn’t want any messy entanglements, and has a taste for bad boys, and the sexy Mordred Le Fey fits the bill. Too bad he’s cursed by the Lady of the Lake.

Aphrodite has had her fill of Love being used as a curse and decides to give Vivienne her comeuppance, but ends up with trials of her own when all she wanted was a vacation.

Secretly, Vivienne thinks she deserves to be punished because she’s been in love with Arthur since she handed him Excalibur and she engineered the fall of Guinevere and Camelot. Gwen’s marriage to Lancelot has been in name only since 1912. A fact that’s only made Avalon’s resident evil enchantress Morgan Le Fey too happy. Come along for the ride as these goddesses take control of their Fate (or so they think) and find their Happily Ever Afters.


26 Responses to Introductions Are In Order

  1. vividumas says:

    The ladies on the blog are amazing! While I can’t stand any of the House Wife shows, I love these books. can’t wait.


  2. vividumas says:

    Oh…I absolutely love this cover!


  3. jbrayweber says:

    I am in love with your covers, Saranna. And your story premises are just delicious! Welcome to the crew! Looking forward to many awesome times with you.


  4. Vivi-Aw, thanks! Kim Killion did the cover. She did Ares’ cover too. Which I have no clue when that’s going to be out.


    • vividumas says:

      The Killion Group does amazing work. I can’t wait to release my new cover from them for Stolen Innocence. I decided on a cover reveal hoopla so must wait til 8/16. Lol. I’m not good at waiting.


  5. Jenn- Thanks so much. I’m so happy to be here.<3


  6. I’m SO looking forward to the AVALON installment of this series! Desperate Housewives of Olympus was just so much fun, and such a great, fresh take on the gods I couldn’t put it down. Hmm. What kind of posts would I like to see from you…

    I think i’d love to see some “behind the scenes”/”Life of the writer” posts, talking about how you manage to keep up your productivity, because it seems to me like you’re UNSTOPPABLE!


  7. Kim Murray says:

    My dear friend, I am so happy to see your dreams coming true 🙂 You know that you’re one of my favorite authors. Right up there with Nora Roberts and Diana Gabaldon. Why? Because the stories you and the other two write are ones I can relate to. I laugh, cry, and threaten to throw the books across the room.
    I cannot wait for the next Saranna book! You are a true Goddess in every sense of the word. (((Hugs)))


  8. Vivi- I can’t wait to see it! 🙂


  9. Amalia-Thank you. Both for the support and feedback.

    I’ll add that to my list. I think it’s cool I come across that way because I try to keep that in the forefront of my mind. Even stuff gets hard and crazy.

    Thanks for stopping in!


  10. Kim-OMG. That kind of praise is going to kill me dead. LOL. Thank you. {squeeze} I adore you.


  11. Welcome. Kim’s done my covers as well. I tweeted.


  12. jeff7salter says:

    welcome to one of the coolest sites on the net.
    Jenn & Stacey are my favorites here, but I also like the other ladies.
    I also like your cover.


  13. Thanks, Jeff. Nice to meet you.


  14. Well, we all know Jenn is evil. *grin* But we like that about her.


  15. I’m sure her cute lil’ ears are burning anyway. 😉


  16. Welllll… I’m sorry, but I have to steal her for conventions. You could always go to the conventions… 2000 women in one place, what’s there to be scared of? *grin*


  17. Oh, that’s great. At RT it made a bachelor party flee the bar. That was funny.


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