On writing, bats & a big giveaway on 8/13/13.

It has been FOREVER since I last posted. SORRY!

Many of you may know why. For those of you who don’t, here’s the quick version.

The scene was set. Laptop? Check. Glass of wine? Check. Quiet house? Check. That was until my two youngest sons and my two youngest nephews came careening down the stairs yelling about bats. Two bats to be precise. In the bedroom.

Enter Supermom. Bucket and cover in hand, I go to rescue the poor bats. Yes, rescue the bats, not the boys. I felt bad for the poor little creatures. You would too, if you’d ever been in a room with those four hellions. 🙂

Anywho. I rescue and release both tiny brown bats, only to go back inside and find my youngest son holding a towel firmly to my laptops keyboard. You can see where this is going. Whilst I was slaying the dragon, horseplay ensued, and my laptop  got a full glass of wine dumped over it.

Needless to say. It’s FRIED. Hard-drive heaven.

So, since I’m not uber rich, it’s sharing the family computer until I can save enough for a new (do they make them waterproof yet?) laptop.


Until then, I’ll be spotty at best. Ugh.


So onto the giveaway!

I have three books out now! Woot.

I released WHAT SHE WAS MISSING in July, and STAY just released from Samhain on Tuesday!


Someone once said, “Running from your problems never solves anything.”
That someone – was a liar.

At least that’s how Marni Leighton sees it. She ran away from her problems and opened a shelter for battered women. Life was great until Donovan Marshall showed up. Now she’s rocked by long dormant desires, not to mention the realization that she turned his little sister away from the shelter – a week before her brutal murder.

But when the deadly intentions of a madman put all their lives in danger, Marni and Donovan have to set aside their mistrust and anger to work together.



Love is the best reason to stay…and the very reason she has to leave.

Changing Tides, Book 1

Fire Captain Bracken Elliot knows how fragile life can be. Ever since a terrible tragedy tore his life apart, he’s played strictly by the rules. But his whole existence has just been turned upside down.

Not only has his sixteen-year-old son been kicked out of school, but the newest member of his fire and rescue team is an ex-Coast Guard diver whose one passion seems to be ignoring every order she receives—and driving him to distraction.

So, Captain Stick-Up-His-Ass doesn’t like the risks she takes? Tough shit, as far as Abby Burke is concerned. Of course ignoring Brack’s orders is easy. Ignoring her attraction to him? Impossible. Too bad staying in one place isn’t her forte.

When Abby takes one chance too many, Brack’s anger lights the kind of fire neither one of them wants to put out. Their night together is hot, intense, perfect…and Abby knows it can never last. Because there’s not a chance in hell her past won’t catch up with her.


Soooooo, to celebrate, I’m giving away some downloads!


Anyone who comments, shares, tweets or Pins about the giveaway at Candi Wall BooksTwitterFacebookPinterest or Goodreads, will automatically be entered in a drawing for a copy of my books!

I’m giving away 5 e-copies of WHAT SHE WAS MISSING and five e-copies of STAY!

I’ll draw names on Tuesday 8/13/13!

Happy reading and writing.

13 Responses to On writing, bats & a big giveaway on 8/13/13.

  1. maw25 says:

    Cogratulatons on the releases. Yikes and sorry about the laptop. Shared on FB and tweeted. 🙂



  2. jbrayweber says:

    Whooo Hoooo! Congratulations, Candi! I am so, so excited for you! May you skyrocket to success!


  3. Thanks M/H

    Yeah, the laptop part sucks! But I look at it this way. Whatever I didn’t back up, I’ll write better the second time around. Right?



  4. Super congrats on your releases!!!
    I’m in the middle of reading Stst and OMG is it hot and oh how good you are at tackling real serious life issues in that book. It’s got Lifetime Channel movie all over it 🙂 well done!

    I had no idea about your laptop. That really suck. So sorry. Hope you get a new one soon.
    Anyhow congrats on your releases and here’s to many sales!
    M-C 🙂


  5. I’m so sorry about your computer, but really happy about your releases!! I know the military has a waterproof keyboard. I think Dell does as well.


  6. Hi Candi,
    Congrats on your three books!! You must be ecstatic. That is so awesome to hear that a fellow author is having such good fortune. Can’t wait to read them, they all wound great.


  7. Oh, dear. Sorry to hear about the laptop. Blame it on the bats! After every revision of my manuscript, I email myself a copy so at least I have the latest version on the server–I can access it from anywhere that way, even from another laptop. Low tech cloud service…


  8. Hi Joni!

    Yeah, I usually back up everything as I do it onto a flashdrive, but I’ve been lazy the last few months.

    Maybe I’ll try your idea!

    Thanks for popping in!


  9. April Alvey says:

    Shared on facebook and twitter April Alvey @aprilalvey


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