Hump Day Kick Start – Busted Edition

Song of day: Come Undone by Adrenaline Mob

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.

travis fimmel

So, who loves bad boys? *raises hand* If you do, you might enjoy this week’s prompt.

Looks like our boy is caught. Hand-cuffed. *giggles* Your job is to tell me how he got this way. What did he do that had him running from the law? Was he even running to begin with? Was he framed by the woman he loves?  Or does he have absolutely no regrets for whatever crime he committed? Maybe he’s undercover and this was all a mistake. What do you think? (Bonus points to those who knows our hunk’s name.)

27 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Busted Edition

  1. Nahh, the lady police officer just saw him walking down the street and took him to a quite place for a throughout search…


  2. jbrayweber says:

    Seems the lady cop had to rough him up a bit, eh, Massimo? 😉


  3. Sarah Andre says:

    I’m confused…Why are you awarding me bonus points for knowing my lover’s name? 😉
    Hair appt, then a long saga on how my poor boy ended up sideways in the dirt (looking extremely unremorseful.)


  4. jbrayweber says:

    Ha, Sarah. I’ve already called dibs.
    Looking forward to your saga, as always. 😀


  5. bettysunflower says:

    He’s dating the officer’s daughter and the officer doesn’t approve.


  6. jbrayweber says:

    Now THAT would do it, Betty.


  7. “(groan) Will told me if I messed with The Pistol she’d do this to me. I shoulda listened to him….”


  8. jbrayweber says:

    Yes! When it comes to The Pistol, you are always gonna lose. Right, Will?


  9. jeff7salter says:

    Sven was too hungover to remember how he got there. But he could tell his wrists were cuffed behind him. He could feel shoes on his own feet, so who was the owner of that relic high top basketball shoe so near his nose. Phew! Stanky.
    Cop was behind him — he knew that from the siren.
    But the most puzzling part was: why was he already cuffed when the cop hadn’t walked over yet from the cruiser he could feel right behind him?
    Then the cruiser’s door opened. Footsteps. Not heavy ones.
    Then a female voice: “I’m Sergeant Julia Trapp, of the Mississippi State Police. You’re in a heap of trouble, boy.”


  10. jbrayweber says:

    *giggles* This ought to be good, Jeff. What a great opener! (And Sven isn’t even a bad name.)


  11. jeff7salter says:

    LOL, I was going to call him IRVING, but figured you’d prefer something more alpha-sounding


  12. jbrayweber says:

    No! He is NOT an Irving. Thank you for sparing me the cringe.


  13. jeff7salter says:

    Now go find a pix of Sven’s sister, similarly posed…


  14. jbrayweber says:

    Haven’t I thrown you a bone or two recently, Jeff? Geez…so greedy. HAHA!


  15. jeff7salter says:

    the squeaky wheel …


  16. jbrayweber says:

    Are you suggesting the handcuffs be tighter, Ruth? LOL!


  17. Lark Howard says:

    Did you want his real name? Looks like Chris Hemsworth to me.


  18. jbrayweber says:

    Sorry, Lark. It’s not Chris.


  19. Sarah Andre says:

    Meet Doug Fieury, newest ‘most wanted’ on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted poster. And he ain’t there because of his pretty-boy looks (although the female agents have oddly brought copies of that poster home.)

    Seems Doug and WV Senator Jim Cornel’s daughter, Sassy met and fell hard for each other at the State Fair earlier this summer. Doug was a drifter, originally from Oklahoma. A guy whose coolness was a throwback to the James Dean days, which got him much more noticed than the average Hottie at the Fair. No tats, earrings, hair product or Apple Technology items for him. This dude wore his hair shaggy and rebel-long, wore Converse high-tops without socks or shoelaces and called his Momma every Sunday from a gas station payphone.

    Well, Sassy knew her Paw and his bible-thumping nature would never approve of her even speaking to Doug. If Paw so much as caught that rebel kissing her on the mouth Doug would be thrown in jail without a trial, thanks to Uncle Jasper Cornel, the town’s judge.

    But she wanted Doug, oh, she wanted him bad. So she told him she was a school teacher who helped out on the Cornel ranch during summer break and maybe he could find a job working with the horses or rounding up cattle. The Cornel ranch always needed extra hands, paid well and they even let their male employees all live in a bunkhouse that had indoor plumbing.

    Doug only watched Sassy’s rosebud mouth move as she spoke. He was so damn smitten he wasn’t sure if his mouth hung open and he sure couldn’t process her words. But when she smiled up at him and coyly lapped at her pink cotton candy, Doug would have jumped his motorcycle across the Grand Canyon!

    So their affair began and only the moon and bright, shining stars knew of the couples’ red-hot passion every night on the grassy bank of Snakebed Creek.

    Clearly by the photo you all know what happened. Poor Doug had taken his motorcycle to the local gas station one Sunday. It was a beautiful end-of-summer day and he rode without a shirt, bought a Snickers inside and used the payphone outside to call his Momma. Sassy’s cousin-in-law-twice-removed happened to be gassing his Ford 150 and overheard her name, how Doug professed his love for her and his plan to settle down, get a decent job and marry this girl. He planned to propose tonight. And Momma was so happy she cried.

    The town sheriff’s screaming siren and flashing lights obviously came as quite a shock to Doug on his way back to the ranch. His rebel nature kicked in and he sped down dirt roads and jumped ditches, on and on through small town after small town. But he didn’t know the county, he didn’t know the Senator had called his friend, the Director of the FBI and all of a sudden helicopters were overhead. He ditched the bike and plowed through a forest but now police dogs were right behind him as he snaked his way deeper in.

    This photo is taken when he burst out of the woods and ran up a steep dirt incline where a police cruiser was waiting for him. He didn’t know what he’d done and he didn’t give up without a fight (ever) so a scuffle ensued. One baton to the back of his head and he fell out of his Converse sneakers. As the cop handcuffed him and went back to the cruiser to report the capture we see Doug here, (seeing stars from the blow to his head) whispering “What did I do?”


  20. jbrayweber says:

    Damn, woman. Another great story. Oh lordy, I sure hope Sassy can talk some sense into her pa and this whole misunderstanding gets resolved.
    So, does your muse forgive me now, Sarah?


  21. jeff7salter says:

    Okay, Sarah wins another round…


  22. Sarah Andre says:

    Muse is un-amused at the fruity drink crap you suggested as a bribe (FYI-whiskey, straight up) but has decided to venture back and grace this site with her presence. (Thank Christ.)

    I say it’s River Phoenix…you know…before he died. Chris Helmsworth’s bod is much more spectacular than this boy’s.

    Thanks Jeff. You’re so good for my ego!


  23. jbrayweber says:

    I’ll break out the Jack and grab a couple of tumblers…
    Nope, it’s not River, either.


  24. odie8654 says:

    Hi everyone! Been awhile, but here’s my version, late as usual.

    Luca awoke slowly, his head pounding from the beating he apparently must have endured, if the way his body felt had anything to say about it.

    “What the hell just happened?” Luca winced, realizing the reason his shoulders hurt so badly were the handcuffs locking his hands securely behind him, “Argh!” he groaned again.

    Noting the size 7 women’s high-top Converse tennis shoe a couple feet from his face, Luca’s brain spit-out some tidbits of information regarding its owner. Medium ash blonde hair, green eyes, approximately five foot nothing, and beautiful. But very very shy. How did the incredibly delectable woman ever get him in this position? Or did she?

    His mind started to clear quickly now…she didn’t! And her name was Ricci. He had laughed at her the first time she had told him her name, but she had stated simply, “my dad wanted a boy, he got me instead.”

    He and Ricci had been driving his cruiser looking for the man that had kidnapped Ricci’s little sister, Becky. They knew where he was, it was just a matter of getting to him…he hadn’t seen the tow-truck come out of the side road. Hadn’t seen it until it slammed into his cruiser sending him and Ricci flipping over and down the embankment to land in a crumpled heap at the bottom of this small ravine.

    “Ricci…you here darl’n?” Luca asked, knowing full well she wasn’t. He knew immediately looking at the Converse tennis-shoe that Ricci was gone, and that now he was looking for two women. The little sister, Becky, and the woman he now realized, he loved, Lucca Carlson, and he could be too late.


  25. jbrayweber says:

    Ooh…intriguing, Bre. That’s a start to a suspenseful story. Well done!


  26. odie8654 says:

    Thanks hon! Appreciate the encouragement.


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