Cover Reveal! Kitty Kitty, Bang, Bang

I am so terribly excited! I’m launching a new phase in my career, dipping my toes into a new genre.  Well, maybe not dipping. More like diving.

Meet Harlowe Wilde, author of steamy, dangerous and erotic romance. She’s brand spanking new. Emphasis on spanking. And because I, er, Harlowe, can’t seem to behave and write a story without  trouble or a gun, these stories will not only be hot with raw, honest passion, but full of risky adventures. Starting with KITTY KITTY, BANG BANGComing September 20th!




Reilly Shay has built a reputation as a highly successful cat burglar. Her current contract—to steal a one-of-a-kind diamond bracelet—puts her one step closer to freedom from her employer. But she suspects her days are numbered. She’s a target for cops and crooks, and no one has her back since her ex-partner, and ex-lover, Grant Aubrey turned on her.

Grant gladly takes the job to capture Reilly at her latest heist. He loved her and she betrayed him. Case closed. But as he waits in the shadows of a Greek villa and watches her crack the safe, old desires emerge. And, suddenly, taking her in isn’t nearly as enticing as just taking her.

Will one night of dangerous passion be the death of them both.

Please show Harlowe some love by visiting (and liking) her new Facebook page. And while you are at it, visit her website.

Looking forward to this new venture. Won’t you join me?

16 Responses to Cover Reveal! Kitty Kitty, Bang, Bang

  1. I can’t wait to meet your new characters! I bet they have interesting and sometimes “hair-raising” adventures. Hurry up and release it already!!


  2. jeff7salter says:

    the new series sounds terrific.
    Cute girl on the cover too!


  3. Congratulations on the new genre and pen name!! Tweeted.


  4. Sarah Andre says:

    Love the cover, title, pen name and look forward to the story, you little siren. 🙂


  5. Marie Cleveland says:

    Wait, I say wait until my eyeglasses have stopped steaming up.
    Congratulations on your new series, Jennifer.


  6. Nina Cordoba says:

    Love the cover! Love the title! Love his pecs! But, most of all I love the little tagline he has tattooed across it. It’s perfect!


  7. I don’t know what’s hotter–your title, cover or penname! Way to go!


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