Link Of The Week- Creating Characters?!

I’m trying something new!

Instead of surprising myself with the direction of my characters’ development, I’m creating profiles for them! This is a foreign task for me, but I think we learn and grow when we challenge ourselves to do something out of our comfort zone.

In the process, I stumbled upon this site and thought I’d share it with you this week. Enjoy!


PS. They also have great information for poets and other fiction writers- check it out.

Creative Writing Now was founded by writing teachers to be a supportive and friendly online space for authors and poets at all stages in their writing lives.

Our mission:

  • Educate – with high-quality courses and free resources for independent study.
  • Encourage – by maintaining a positive atmosphere and providing guidance for beginning writers.
  • Inspire – by sharing our passion for literature and writing.

4 Responses to Link Of The Week- Creating Characters?!

  1. I’ve been playing around with doing something like this. Of course, since I write Regencies, not all of the questions they have are applicable. I was recently asked on a blog to give my characters professions. I answered Lady and Gentleman.


    • I LOVE it! What a great answer.
      I realize not all of the questions would apply to all genres, it was a great place to get started. I had a great writing day today and I believe it was because I was already in my characters’ heads and not discovering everything as I went along. So far, so good with this experiment!


  2. Marie Cleveland says:

    I love this link..thank you!


  3. You are so welcome! I’m glad you liked it.


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