Hump Day Kick Start – Businessman Edition

Song of day: Don’t Apologize by Otherwise

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.


Sit back. Relax. Take a load off.

Today’s prompt has a lazy, yet wily look about him. Tell me about our finely dressed businessman. What is his story? Did he just move into his new cushy corner office? How did he earn that promotion? Maybe he’s starting his own business and it’s been a long day. Or perhaps his sexy boss just pushed him down into that chair and she’s about to show him how much she appreciates all his hard work. Could he be “interviewing” his new secretary? Ahh…but what about that ring on his finger?

Tell me your take on this picture. I’d love to hear it. Bonus points if you know who this is. (No one guessed right the last time.)

18 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Businessman Edition

  1. ” ‘Babysit the Toddler’, Jenn said. ‘It will be fun!’ Jenn said….. “


  2. This looks like something right out of a Harlequin book! In fact I think I read his story last month in the “Billionaires” series. Good to see fantasies can come live with pictures! Good find, Jenn- although I do prefer guys with just a little more meat on their bones. Bwahahahaha


  3. Sarah Andre says:

    Actually, this is Julian Farrow, an English chap who’s quite a famous male model back in his country. He’s seeking fame and fortune in the States (naturally) and this is his first ad…for Gucci loafers.

    He’s posed for several hours in this fake office for Vanessa Riley, a stunning and successful freelance photographer, and she’s just called for a break. He immediately throws himself in the chair (exhausted from general handsomeness, but also because the loafers are pinching his feet) and Vanessa’s asst has just gone on a coffee run.

    Now there’s no question this guy looks good enough to eat (er…stare at) and that British accent is charming enough to strip him down for that alone. Ergo, Vanessa’s grown increasingly hot and bothered as the shoot went on. But there’s that ring on his finger and she doesn’t ‘do’ other women’s men. Horrible dilemma in this case, cuz he’s got it all. Looks, sex appeal and that sensual, confident air men have when they know they can satisfy a woman waaaay past her wildest fantasies. In fact, he’s slumped in that chair right now with the exact expression on his face.

    She’s gotta capture it. “Hey” she says softly and as their eye contact extends just a fraction longer than is appropriate, she snaps a candid. If she can’t have him for real, she’ll at least have this picture. Of him looking like THAT at her.


    • jbrayweber says:

      THAT is a perfect story for this prompt, Sarah. Cute, and yes, silly, but perfect. Looks like your Muse is no longer peeved at me. 😉


  4. Sarah Andre says:

    Have no clue who it is. I may be the Queen of Cougars, but I gotta draw the line somewhere. This boy is too young for me. 😉

    Did you ever tell us who the other guy was?


    • jbrayweber says:

      In *real* life our handsome boy is 32. Not too young for this cougar. And, yeah, he’s from the UK. Ireland, to be precise.

      No…I never spilled on the last guy. I was really hoping someone would figure it out.


  5. Lark Howard says:

    Since this is all theoretical, who cares how old he is? Really, ladies, is he likely to show up in Real Life? Enjoy!

    The Official Empress of Cougars (with the husband to prove it!)


  6. jeff7salter says:

    After an exhausting day buying and selling companies, Lukas paused for a moment … before realizing the cleaning lady had arrived to deal with his office.
    “You’re not Esmelda,” he said warily.
    Meena smiled slyly. “That is correct. We have temporarily relocated the woman you were expecting.”
    “Then what are you doing here… and why are you pointing a pistol at me?”
    “We decided you had sold one company too many, my handsome friend. Just because you have Italian shoes and expensive skinny slacks doesn’t mean you run the entire world.”
    Lukas was about to draw his lips into a sneer. “And which part of the world is out of my control?”
    “My part.” She motioned with the 9 mm. “Stand up slowly… hands behind you. Now.”


    • jbrayweber says:

      AWESOME, Jeff! There is so many different ways you could go from there. Absolutely love it!
      Oh, and it didn’t escape my notice that you used an Alpha name this time. Thanks, buddy! 😉


      • jeff7salter says:

        LOL, you’re welcome, Jenn. I started to use Maurice, but figured, “nah, Jenn would fuss.”


      • jbrayweber says:

        Some people call me the space cowboy.
        Some people call me the gangster of love
        Some people call me Maurice *whistles*
        Cause I speak of the pompitous of love


  7. Marie Cleveland says:

    Returning from a whirlwind Tennis tour, Nicholas learned that he was being touted as the new spokesman for a prestigious wine company. After requesting a bottle of the wine, he is awaiting Delilah, his new assistant to help him sample his wares. He is relaxing, knowing that this may be the beginning of a whole new adventure, Cheers!


  8. odie8654 says:

    Undercover Officer, Marcus Stellar, works with women’s trafficking. The fancy clothes, the expensive shoes, he hated it. His idea of clothes, a pair of well worn jeans and a black T-shirt and some black high-top convers tennis shoes. These duds were just for show. He is just finishing a round of arrests and found a shipping container full of women, and unfortunately some had not made the trip alive, sealed inside.

    “How many?” Marcus asks the officer that just entered the room they used as HQ’s for the op.

    “24 women sir, 5 dead, 19 alive but not in great shape, dehydration and the likes,” the young officer shuffled his feet. He’d never witnessed such inhuman treatment.

    “We didn’t get to them in time, damn it, and now five women are dead,” his thoughts went to his beautiful Indonesian bride of thirteen months. He had met her shortly after starting undercover work. She was his lifeline when things went south like today.

    “You did everything you could, sir…”

    “Yea, well, obviously that wasn’t enough now was it officer,” Marcus knew he was being an ass, but losing someone to a cold blooded killer never did sit well with him. “I’m sorry, Frankie, I got bad intel, it cost five women their lives and that’s just not gonna work for me, ever. I need to find this bastard, and when I do….


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