Hump Day Kick Start – Hunk and Hound Dog Edition

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Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.

scott speedman

After 13 years of being a domestic goddess, and 6 years of being an author, I’ve gone back to work full time. No, I don’t suck at book sales, but times are a-changing and a wee bit of insurance is a good thing. However, according to my author friend Nina Cordoba, every time an author goes back to work, an angel loses it’s wings. Oops. My bad.

I started my new adventure this week. As I type this, I’m completely wiped out. So, I needed something to perk me up. What better way than with a hot, scruffy guy and a puppy?

Now you get to tell me about him. Who is he? Is he frustrated/mad/heartbroken? If so, why?  Who is he looking at?  Is the cute puppy with the studded collar his, or did he dog-nab the canine? Maybe he lost a bet and is dog-sitting. But why is he disheveled and  barefooted? Did a beautiful stranger take him for all he had and leave him with nothing but the pup?

What’s your take? I’d love to hear from you.

Bonus points if you know who this is.

11 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Hunk and Hound Dog Edition

  1. She told me, “Could you please look after my puppy? I’ll be back right away.” It’s two days that I’m waiting…


  2. Tweeted and shared.


  3. jeff7salter says:

    I think I’ve seen his face in something, but can’t place him unless he’s a younger version of the guy who played Wolverine.
    Okay, here’s Rupert’s story:
    When his very hot girlfriend slid up and down his front and asked in her bedroom voice, “Can you watch Rover for for a minute?”
    Rupert replied, “I’m on my way to work … if I can find my shoes and socks.”
    She rubbed him in places that needed such attention. “But I have to go get my bikini wax… and you know how much you like the results…”
    “Okay, but hurry up.”
    She kissed him deeply and left in a swirl of perfume.
    Rupert eyed the puppy. “Okay, Rover, you sit over there in the corner and leave me alone while I finish getting dressed.”
    After five more minutes looking for shoes and socks, Rupert returned to where he’d left the puppy … just as Rover swallowed the man’s wristwatch!


    • jbrayweber says:

      Rupert again. *shakes head*
      Wow, Jeff. That’s the most risque thing you’ve written here in a while. The wax job. Not the hungry mutt. 😉


  4. Sarah Andre says:

    Jeez, Jeff, Rupert sure makes a frequent appearance in your stories. 🙂 (And yes, I’d have to say that’s Hugh Jackman, back-in-the-day. I know, because we dated.) 😉
    Here’s what happened–you may want to get yourself a cup of tea. It’ll be a long one.

    Giovanni Bandino, owner of the struggling restaurant, Giovanni’s (just outside of Milan) stood underneath the awning of his restaurant. He stared glumly at the drizzle that had kept the tourists in their hotels on this dreary Wednesday. It was midnight and his restaurant was officially closed. He should be in there supervising the clean up and trying to cheer up his bickering waiters, who’d counted on tips tonight.

    But he couldn’t go back in there because the burden of his secret was too heavy. He didn’t have the heart to tell them that he’d needed a fully packed house tonight to afford the rent tomorrow.
    A cigarette right about now would help the emptiness in his heart, but he was trying to kick the habit. So, in a nutshell, he stood on the empty sidewalk in the shelter of the awning with an empty soul.

    The distinct roar of a sports car and screech of brakes down the block snapped him out of his funk. In the dim street lamp he made out the bright yellow of a Lamborghini, probably a Superleggera, idling on a slant in the middle of the street. Granted there were no cars about, but the move was pure arrogance and typical of most Lamborghini owners he knew.

    No doubt the driver couldn’t see him in the gloom but Giovanni spat on the curb anyway, an Italian gesture for ‘up yours.’ As he turned to go back into the restaurant the shrill screams of a woman and high-pitched yapping of a dog stiffened his spine.

    Peering intently through the rain he made out the features of a familiar man halfway out of the driver’s side, shouting obscenities. Suddenly the man reached in and tossed something small onto the slick road. A puppy! Before the man could climb back in his car, the passenger almost fell out of her side. Without realizing it, Giovanni jogged in the cold drizzle toward the scene. Both the man and the woman–a stunner in a red evening gown and killer-high heels, screamed insults at each other over the hood of the car while the puppy limped in a circle in front of the Lamborghini’s headlights.

    Giovanni knew how the argument would end, he was Italian after all. The familiar-looking man would spit on the ground, climb in his car and scream down the road, probably just around the block before he came back for his date, who’d hopefully cooled off by then. But this fight had distracted the driver. He was clearly too angry or too arrogant to know a puppy lay in the car’s path.

    Just as Giovanni predicted the man spat and climbed into the driver seat, slamming the door.

    Sprinting for all he was worth, Giovanni reached the little guy, swooped him off the cobblestones and leaped into a flying arc as the gears shifted and the car burst forward, missing him by millimeters.

    He cradled the pup as he fell, landing hard on the wet cobblestones and sharp curb. The impact knocked the breath right out of him. By the time he sat up, the beautiful woman was by his side, sobbing as she held out her arms for her dog.

    Up close he recognized her. Ginevra Simone, a famous Italian actress. Which meant the driver of the car had to be the Formula One Italian champion, Giuseppe Ruisi. Giovanni handed her the squirming pup and winced as he got to his feet. He invited her to sit in his restaurant while they waited for the customary re-showing of Giuseppe once he’d cooled off. Ginevra declined, although she also insisted her boyfriend would never come back. This time they were through. He’d forced her to choose between him or her new puppy, Alberto and she’d chosen the dog.

    In the end, Giovanni coaxed her to walk with him to the awning so they would be out of the rain and when she agreed he winced as he stood. Although the walk was only one block, he glanced at her pin-point heels and insisted she wear his shoes. Once under the shelter he told her jokes until her tears stopped and she hugged her puppy and begged for another one.

    The hours passed, the rain stopped and Giovanni fell hopelessly in love. He laughed inwardly at his luck. No restaurant, nothing to offer her and yet adoring a famous actress who would obviously return to her hotshot boyfriend. But Giuseppe had not returned for her. Maybe it really was over this time. Naw, he couldn’t be that lucky. She’d have left long ago and gotten into some dry clothes if she knew the car wasn’t coming back. His heart sank.

    And as dawn approached he heard the distant roar of the car and reached out to pet Alberto’s head. “You take good care of him,” he said. “And yourself. You deserve better.”

    She handed him the pup and reached into her damp purse, withdrawing a stack of bills. “Here,” she said, “for saving my dog’s life.” Giovanni refused, but the car screeched around a curb and he needed all his focus to hold onto the squirming, frightened pup. Before he could even say goodbye she had thrust the bills in his pocket, kissed the top of both his wet head and the pup’s and slipped into the passenger seat.

    As the car roared off Giovanni lit a cigarette and just sat there on the sidewalk contemplating life. He had fallen for Ginevra and would never have her. But he had her dog, she had his shoes and there was undoubtedly enough money in his pocket to pay the rent one more month.


    • jbrayweber says:

      Nope. Not Hugh Jackman. Sorry.

      Once again, Sarah, you do not disappoint. But this time, you gave us a full story…with a happy ending. And I love it! It’s a great story to end my long work day with. 😀


  5. Scott Speedman looking better than he ever has before… Gotta love a man with a dog.


    • jbrayweber says:

      YAY! You are right, Kristen! And, yeah, he’s looking pretty darn delicious, not to mention a man with a dog (or any type of animal) indicates some compassion. Mmm-mmm.


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