It’s Editor Shopping day!

UPDATE: Candace requested four FULL manuscripts today. I have sent out all emails, so check your boxes!


Good morning everyone. I apologize for posting the pitches so late, but we’re under about a foot and a half of snow up here in Maine, and my internet has been spotty at best – when we’ve had power. Fun times.

Anyway – quickly to the stats:

Pitches received: 29

Pitches accepted: 17

Pitches rejected: 12

  • 8 – Too long
  • 2 – missing information
  • 1 – Off genre (Childrens fiction)
  • 1 – No pitch

Please welcome Candace Havens! Thank you so much for joining us here at Musetracks. I hope you find something you like. If you do, simply e-mail me the number, title and what you’d like to see from the author.

Happy shopping!



The Elder Race

YA Urban Fantasy

85,000 words

Seventeen-year-old Carri Helms is not the first person to be attacked by the Goetia, a legion of Fallen Angels and demons, but she is the first to survive.

After walking away from an accident that should have killed her, Carri soon learns she is their primary target. They track her to her senior prom party where, Riker Irin, a Watcher with a troubled past, ignores his Commander’s standing orders of no mortal interference and saves her.

In an effort to find out how to stop the attacks, Riker leads Carri deeper into his world. They discover she is the last obstacle standing between the Goetia fulfilling an ancient plot to unite the earth with the heavens and the only way to destroy them is by working with the enemy. Now Carri must decide how much she will sacrifice to free Riker, and herself, from the past to ensure they have a future.

THE ELDER RACE is an 85,000 word YA urban fantasy. Although it is a standalone novel, I have already outlined a sequel.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Final Notice – Book 1 in the Damaged Goods Series

Mystery with Strong Romantic Elements

75,000 words

Jackie Parker has had enough of her butt-grabbing lawyer boss. Sexual harassment lawsuits aside, there’s got to be a better way for a certified process server to earn a living in Miami. When her husband asks her to join forces with him and his brother to start up their own property management company, it seems like the perfect solution. Until they find an unidentified young girl’s body in the first home they visit and no sign of the tenant.

Just another day on the job for the Damaged Goods team.



Seething Jealousy – Book 1 of Conniving Cocktails Series

Mystery with Strong Romantic Elements

70,000 Words

When bar and nightlife expert Lorelai Lake agrees to help turn around the failing bar Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, she’s sure she’ll regret it. But Lorelai has never been able to say no to Grant McTavish, and beverages are her business even if Grant’s love life is no longer any of hers. More than the whiskey turns sour though when one of the bartenders is found murdered in the bar basement and Grant becomes the number one suspect. Now Lorelai must save Grant’s reputation as well as his bar in an epic turnaround that could either exonerate the man she loves or cost her everything.



Arty Smarty

Single Title Contemporary Romance (Romantic Caper)

80,000 words

Museum curator Claire Raffen must retrieve the keystone piece for her art exhibit from reclusive artist Sinjin Reid. When she arrives at the sexy Brit’s estate on the shores of Lake Michigan, to collect the sculpture, it’s missing. Claire discovers that Sinjin has hidden his masterpiece from his greedy ex-wife and her lover–Claire’s smarmy boss–the director of the Lafferty Museum.

Since the success of her show hinges on the star attraction, Claire reluctantly agrees with Sinjin’s crazy plan. He will gladly display the piece in Claire’s exhibit only if the exhibit is hanging at his gallery. Claire and Sinjin uncover allies who help them move the exhibit under the nose of the museum’s crooked director. Working together, Claire gets a glimpse of the real Sinjin beneath his iconic image.She resists his genuine charm and shakes off her squishy feelings.

Sinjin’s only using her to get back at his ex-wife. With her reputation and exhibit at risk, Claire musters up enough trust to rely on Sinjin.  Pulling off a museum heist, Claire might wind up jobless and in jail. But worse, if she falls in love with Sinjin, her heart may be stolen.



Waking Up Dead


45K words

The Western Werewolf Legend series continues

The truth, Sonja Brooks understands is relevant. She’s a werewolf with a special ‘gift’ and faces danger at every turn. Now, the bloodsuckers stalk her family and the man she loves.

He vowed to protect his men despite the cost. Tyler Loflin must save them and Sonja from the threat of Yankee vampires. Seeking help from one of them will test his faith in the human he once knew and his own strength as a newly born werewolf.

Escaping to a better place, Ty and Sonja set out for Texas, but will the freedom and safety they seek elude them?



Wolfen Secrets


50K words

Not only do our dreams hold secrets to our future, but as Sonja Brooks discovers they also hold the keys to immense danger for her kind. Sonja finds the westernwerewolf pack in great peril when she and her mate, Tyler Loflin have to take on the vampires and their undead magic.

When confronted with vampires that won’t ever die, Tyler Loflin has to formalize a plan to protect the woman he loves as well as the men who are like brothers to him. The only problem is keeping the plan a secret from Sonja, who is the alpha she-wolf of their pack.



Comanche Haven, The Loflin Legacy # 1


100K words

From the moment Celia, the emerald-eyed, Comanche half-breed, gets off the stage in Tyler, Texas, Seth Loflin realizes he is on a collision course with the past.  She was his first love and now the Shooter Creek’s ranch boss can’t allow her to succumb to the danger that stalks her.  Someone wants to kidnap her and sell her as a slave, but now that she’s in his protective arms, he intends to keep her safe.

Celia can’t run back to the safety of her former life in South Carolina.  And if she stays at Shooter Creek with Seth, she’ll be putting the man she has always loved and his ranch in danger of harboring a Comanche.  But Seth refuses to leave her side, and his vow to protect her gives Celia the hope and courage she needs.  Now she’ll fight for her new life with Seth…or die trying.



The Lady in the Mist, The Western Werewolf Legend # 1


45K words

The Civil War took Sonja Brooks’ husband and left her alone. Unprotected and scared, she runs headlong into a life changing event when she’s attacked by a pack of wolves. Her fate as a werewolf is sealed. When she stumbles upon Ty Loflin, a Rebel soldier dying of his wounds, she nurses him back to health. He’s the perfect mate, but will he want her once he knows the truth?



Science Fiction, alien post-apocalypse
93,500 words

Dan Amenta wakes up one morning to discover the world has changed…the Apocalypse has arrived.

Death, destruction, and disaster are spreading around the globe. Yet Dan and his family remain untouched. He begins to fear they are the only three people left alive on Earth. They are not.Efforts to survive and make contact with others reveal disturbing truths about the human extermination. Dan finds Laura who discloses even more. Her presence – a young, sexy, disruptive girl – adds questions about what is moral and ethical in this new reality.

Then supernatural experiences reported by other survivors force Dan to seek explanations from his own past. Memories of childhood hallucinations strike him with sledgehammer force, bringing him face-to-face with a secret millions of years old. Planet Earth is in the hands of an older power, one Dan never envisioned and dares not disobey…

A first contact and an alien colonization set the seeds in the trilogy for a galactic upheaval and space wars with aliens.



In the Heart

Contemporary romance/womens fiction
100,000 words

After a tragic shooting claims the life of her fiancé, Celia Bailey returns to her small hometown vowing one day to find love again. A year later, she’s finding it difficult to keep that vow when the man occupying her thoughts and haunting her dreams is a man she knows shouldn’t get involved with.

Toby Colton is about to find his new life turned upside down. He has a steady job as a prison guard and is forming ties in the close-knit community he recently moved to. However, one chance meeting on the side of a road brings a string of complications he never counted on.

For the ex-rodeo rider, Celia is one sad cliché after another: the boss’s daughter…his best friend’s sister…and love at first sight. While the two fight a losing battle to resist their attraction, a scheming and dangerous inmate by the name of Vince Monroe sets his sights on escape—and Celia.

When Toby must risk his own life to save a kidnapped Celia, they learn love doesn’t always play by the rules.



The Found Girl

Contemporary paranormal romance
100,000 words

Jonas Kavanagh’s life was predetermined.

One day he will be king to a magical elf kingdom and he will also be the first in the royal line to take a human as queen. Only two complications stand in his way. First, the human woman fated to be this queen doesn’t believe in love, magic or even the prediction. Second, and far more difficult to overcome, the person assigned the task of finding this human wants nothing more than see Jonas joined with someone else and he possesses enough power to accomplish this.

Alvina McKellen’s life has been one loss after another. Orphaned and unwanted by relatives forced to care for her, then framed by a man who said he loved her, she seeks a new life far from where she began. She sure never expected that new life to involve a frightening man with strange abilities and an unexpected marriage to a supposed king.

Together, a reluctant elf king and a lost girl find passion, love and their destiny together, something not even the most powerful magic of one who would tear them apart can destroy



Chasing Jasmine and Butterflies

Contemporary Urban  Fantasy

85,000 words

Raghnall is enchanted by a beauty with face painted like a butterfly and hair braided with Jasmine. However, if he knew she was a member of fae royalty, he might’ve thought twice.

Princess Comyn seeks adventure in the human world. Instead, adventure finds her, in the form of a passionate encounter with a handsome druid priest.

The only problem—this druid is the immortal messenger between the gods and the fae. It isn’t until after they discover eternal magic in each other’s arms she learns who he is and he figures out what she is.

Believing she’s angered the gods with the liaison, she engages him in a game of cat and mouse until fate steps in to right the wrong.

This is the first story in a series that will rewrite the history of the fae. The gods created them to replace humans on earth. However, now the fae are on the brink of extinction. To survive in today’s world, someone must reunite the many realms across the earth.

What better place to begin, than with two who already found their destiny? Then they can play matchmakers to the rest of the supernatural world.



Once Humans

Science Fiction, alien post-apocalypse
75000 words

In a dark future, aliens are regenerating a new, transgenic species of humans called the Selected. But when sabotage and conspiracy threaten — and a divided humanity risks destroying itself — can one human save his species in time?

Mankind is undergoing rebirth, the new arrivals closely watched by the Selected: the transgenic beings created by the Moîrai. The new communities thrive with the aliens’ support and peace and security reign on Eridu, as the planet Earth is known by the Moîrai and in the galaxy.

But peace and security of the cradle are suddenly shattered by acts of sabotage set to disrupt the fragile balance of the fledgling communities.

From the coldest climes to the deepest ocean floors, a cosmic conspiracy full of betrayal and fear is being hatched with the hope of pushing the world perilously close to the brink of self-destruction.

A first contact and an alien colonization set the seeds in the trilogy for a galactic upheaval and space wars with aliens.



Under Covers

Contemporary Romance

76,000 words

Animal Welfare agent, Jade Devlin, plans to photograph the abuse happening at a puppy mill to help convince the D.A. to grant her a search warrant. She’s as far from a kick-ass heroine as a body can get, and when she’s discovered by one of the mill workers, she’s forced to play along as her captor’s girlfriend, or risk certain death in the backwoods of Virginia’s forgotten countryside.

F.B.I. agent Mason Gardiner has been under cover for nearly a year. As much as animal abuse sucks, the illegal weapons the mill owner is running, and finding their supplier, are his biggest concern. Smart, stubborn and incredibly sexy Jade is the last thing he needs, but removing her from the danger, without blowing his cover, is impossible.

With different missions on the line, and an insatiable hunger for justice, mistrust and desire are constant companions for both Jade and Mason.



Commitment Issues

Contemporary romance

89,000 words

Alexis has never committed to anything. Ever. Color her a vagabond like her dad, but she likes life with no ties. But when her sister Emma dies, leaving behind two young children, Alexis can’t walk away. They don’t have any family, and If Alexis doesn’t take them in, the state will.

Known child advocate, Assistant District Attorney, Allen Gates doesn’t think the vagrant younger sister of Emma’s shoud have the boys. He’d fallen hard for Emma and her children, and he’d be damned if those boys were going to be dragged all over the country and beyond by their un-grounded aunt.

Anger, attraction, and much more erupt as Alexis and Allen knock heads over the boys well-being.



Call Me Casanovette

Erotic romance

99,500 words

Marriage isn’t the fairytale Gemma’s mother made it out to be.

Sixteen years worth of matrimonial agony, an ex-husband that walked out to bang his twenty-nine year old secretary, and having to start over at the ripe-young-age of forty is just the proof Gemma needs to affirm that thought.

So now it’s her turn. She has sixteen years of wasted time to make up for. She just doesn’t know how. But her best friend does. She wants Gemma to kiss 16 men in six months and let the sparks fly as they will.

The catch? Each man has to be a different age. No repeats. She has to start with twenty four years old and working her way up to forty.

Gemma accepts the challenge and quickly learns that what she’d considered taboo might be her thing, and that what she’d always dreamed about is all wrong for her.




Romantic Suspense

86,000 words

Tally Martin came from nothing but abuse. When she was ten, she was saved by a kind older woman named May who taught her to love life, smile often, and kick ass when needed.

Now Tally’s twenty two, and her mentor is gone. But May’s sudden death reveals a side of her Tally never knew existed. A darker side. A cool-as-hell-vigilante-side. And taking over where May left off is just the focus Tally needs. The sexy as hell agent that keeps showing up at her door is a tempting inconvenience, one she finds harder and harder to resist, even if he could put her in jail for a long, long time.

Agent Sumner Chapman has worked the ‘Outer’ case for years. It’s his obsession. He doesn’t care of the do-gooder ‘Outer’ leaves enough evidence to put his victims in jail, he’s doing it illegally. Somehow, spirited knockout Tally Martin keeps cropping up in his investigations, and damned if he doesn’t suspect she’s not telling him everything she knows about the ‘Outer’.

Attraction is one thing. But  he’ll put hot as hell Tally in jail for interfering with his case. He’s just that much of a hard ass. Isn’t he?

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