Pitch Opp – Editor Shop coming Sat. Jan. 18th

Hi Everyone!

It’s almost time for another Editor Shop pitch date.

Pitch day is Saturday, January 18th and we have Alycia Tornetta, Associate Editor, Managing Editor, Bliss, from Entangled Publishing, LLC as our guest editor.

You can find info on Entangled HERE.

Get those pitches ready, and come join the fun.

Remember, if you don’t want to miss a Pitch Opp here at Musetracks, please join our announcement only group HERE to get all the updates on guest agents and editors.

Happy reading and writing.

See you Saturday!

7 Responses to Pitch Opp – Editor Shop coming Sat. Jan. 18th

  1. Nice, and welcome to Alycia. Correct me if I’m wrong but Entangled first and only theme is Romance, then, the sub-gernre is there as a corollary 😉 I write in one of their a sub-genres tout-court 😉


  2. Tweeted and shared on FB.


  3. Sally Brandle says:

    Hi, I am brand new but would love to pitch to Entangled. I write in the Bliss style. Can someone give me the word on the protocol for Saturday? Thanks, Sally


  4. Hi Massimo,

    Yes. Romance is foremost…



  5. Hi Sally!

    Thanksfor coming by.

    Check the Agent/Editor Shop tab at the top of the page. It has all the rules listed there.

    Welcome! And good luck if you decide to pitch!


  6. Alycia Tornetta says:

    Hi everyone, I’m excited for Sat! If it’s YA, it just needs to have a some kind of romance in it, and not necessarily be the main plot of the story. For adult/NA and category, romance is central.


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