Hump Day Kick Start – Skin Football Edition

Song of the day: Burn by Papa Roach

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.


I love American football. In honor of Superbowl Sunday this weekend, I give you today’s Hump Day Kick Start.

Ladies, drag your eyes away from those yummy cuts in his waist. Tell me, who is our player? Is he a first draft pick (would be mine) just throwing a few passes with some buddies at the local park? Is he a pro quarterback coming back to the hood to play with the hard knock kids? Is he throwing a game of flag football in hopes the pretty girl he has a crush on would nab his shirt. Maybe he’s planning a game-winning play to catch the eye the beautiful sports reporter in hopes of doing a little “tackling” with her later.

Thank the heavens he’s playing skins.

What’s your take? Love to hear from you.

11 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Skin Football Edition

  1. jeff7salter says:

    Ned is discouraged. The college FB coach said he participate in open tryouts, but Ned — from the poor side of the tracks — couldn’t even cobble together a uniform. All he has is those ragged jeans, patched numerous times by his Aunt Tilly, and he couldn’t even find a tee shirt without holes (so he just showed up bare chested).
    The coach took one look at his outfit — or lack of one — and just waved him away.
    Ned is so forlorn that all he can do is grip the ball he found by the bench and watch those “well-off” guys racing up and down the field in their pads and cleats.
    Good thing Susie — the voluptuous and compassionate team trainer — is perceptive enough to realize what’s going on. She’s about to take him into the team locker room and fit him out with a complete uniform.
    Of course, she’ll have to get him out of those nasty jeans first.
    And find a jock strap of suitable size.
    Oh my!


  2. jbrayweber says:

    HAHA! Love this, Jeff. Especially the jock strap comment. But then you knew that would make me happy. 😉


  3. Sarah Andre says:

    OH happy, happy Wednesday to all! What a refreshing interruption in my tedious email list.
    Will be back soon, time to pic up the boyz from playschool.
    Obliques, you sexy pole dancer. Those cuts are called obliques.


  4. jbrayweber says:

    Yes, yes! The exact name escaped me despite the fact that I’ve been working on mine for the past 3 weeks. LOL!


  5. Sarah Andre says:

    Hi Jeff! Welcome back!


  6. Sarah Andre says:

    It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon in late spring. A slight breeze carries the scent of blooming flowers, birds chirp in harmony and that fluttery sensation called Spring Fever grips the small town of Treat, AL. It’s the kind of day where even the couch-potatoes feel the need to get off the couch and go out to the park.

    Ethan Wilson, heir to Wilson Athletic Equipment (including the football he’s holding) came to town to visit his old college buddy Zach. In fact, Ethan just spent his first night ever in a double-wide!

    Being brought up with all the material riches a human could imagine, his weekend in Treat has been pretty spectacular. Before he’d arrived he’d made Zack promise not to tell anyone who he was because for the first time in his life he wanted to experience a little piece of Americana without all the bowing and ass-kissing he was used to all his life just because of the family name.

    Taking a taxi from the airport, and clutching a knapsack of clothes he’d gotten from Goodwill he arrived at Zack’s trailer and found that it had all a man could want. A mattress and sleeping bag on the floor, beer in the fridge, a giant TV with cable (porn) and an X-Box hooked up. This was all damn cool.

    They went to Big Red’s last night and Ethan ate fried rabbit, French fries and guzzled Schlitz beer while drumming his fingers on the sticky table to snazzy 70’s tunes on the juke box. The young women of Treat were country-fresh and ready to party. Shockingly, the town’s one super-babe, Darla snubbed his advances. And folks, he was laying on his A-Game charm!

    Whatever. He settled for an ‘almost’ super-babe named Cherry, who fit perfectly in his sleeping bag and showed him nothing but enthusiasm. And now it’s that beautiful Sunday afternoon in the little town’s park. Zack and Ethan ate breakfast at a diner then rode bikes here and joined in an impromptu game of flag football. The flag (his Goodwill shirt) is tucked into his ill-fitting and missing-buttoned jeans. He’s sweaty, victorious and above all, he’s happy deep down inside. So this is what life is like without P&Ls, Board meetings and starched suits.

    He looks over at the rowdy crowd in the rickety stands. There’s Cherry jumping up and down, shrieking because he just scored the winning touchdown. He’s enjoying that view. She didn’t wear a bra last night and she ain’t wearin’ one today. (Oh man, he’s picking up the way they talk around here!)

    And then he sees something that makes his smile falter. He kind of squints because he must be hallucinating! And this is the snapshot of his expression. You see, Darla, in a bright yellow sundress just mouthed some filthy words and blew him a kiss.

    Sweet Cherry or Tart Darla… What’s a rich guy in small town Americana to do?


  7. jeff7salter says:

    Stick with Cherry, Dude…


  8. jbrayweber says:

    HAHA! Good call, Jeff!


  9. jbrayweber says:

    Sweet Cherry and Tart Darla…BRILLIANT! YOU are always on your A-game, Sarah. Another amazing story!


  10. Wow. It took me a whole day and I still have…nothing…but admiration and flutters!


  11. jbrayweber says:

    “Flutters” That’s a good way to put it, Kristen. ;-D


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