Savvy Authors – 2014 Prepare, Pitch, and Publish

I’m at Savvy Authors tomorrow, and anyone looking for pitching help should stop in.

They have a great line up of workshops!

Stop in and see what they have in store, and join in the workshops.

I’ll be hosting a workshop tomorrow…

February 3, 2014

Join author Candi Wall as she covers the basics of what she’s learned running a successful monthly Agent/Editor Pitch Shop at Musetracks.

She’ll cover keeping it
P – Professional,
I – In tune,
T – Tight,
C – Clear, and
H – Hip, Hype, and Hot.

As a bonus, Candi will pick three to four random pitches to pick apart, strengthen, and discuss. Warning: If you decide to submit your pitch, be ready for the class to work on it together and discuss it in detail!


Hope to see some Musetrackers there!


One Response to Savvy Authors – 2014 Prepare, Pitch, and Publish

  1. jbrayweber says:

    Whoo Hooo! This will be great.


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