Link Of The Week- Tools To Use!

4     “Streaks is a simple tool for tracking the consecutive days it takes to reach a certain goal. For each day that you accomplish your task, you mark it on the Streaks calendar, motivating yourself to keep the streak going! Miss a single day, and the streak starts over.

Start with a single calendar to track your first goal. Tap a day to mark it. Then, through the settings, add more calendars to track other goals. Toggling between calendars is as easy as flicking your finger up and down on the screen. Adding a note to a day is as simple as tapping and holding.”      $1.99     “This nifty program is free to use and works in your Internet browser — allowing you to easily create flowcharts and diagrams. If you’re stuck in your plot or are planning your novel, this is a great tool to help you visualize your thoughts and help you analyze how you might get from “a” to “b.” ”     “We help the editing-mind take a nap while the creative-mind goes wild with expression.”

One Response to Link Of The Week- Tools To Use!

  1. Interesting links. I’ll pass them on!


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