Hump Day Kick Start – Headlights Edition

Song of the Day: Sick by Adelita’s Way

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.


Seems I’m on a roadway kick lately.

So this is interesting. What’s going on with our fella? Is he putting his pants on or pulling them off. I’m going with off, but this is your prompt. Why is he half-naked? Did the sexy officer who pulled him over for some undisclosed violation offer to let him go if he gave her a show? Did his girlfriend kick him out of the car, throwing his clothes out the window, and locking the doors? If so, why? Could he have lost a bet with his buddies and now he’s has to moon drivers passing by? Maybe, just maybe, it’s so hot outside that he decided to strip down before changing the flat tire.

What’s your take? Love to hear from ya.


15 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Headlights Edition

  1. Will Graham says:

    “Man, I tell you what… Texas is just flat out weird!

    “Walking down the road, minding my own bidness, when this convertible pulls up. Young lady drivin’ demanded ALL my Black and White cookies! Then she made me strip so’s I couldn’t call the police. Guess she felt sorry for me, cuz she tossed my jeans back to me as she sped away. And while I’m puttin’ ’em back on, THEN the cops show up!

    “I’m going back to Louisiana; that kind of crazy I can deal with!”


  2. jbrayweber says:

    Boy…you got the inflection down, William. HA!
    The Pistol strikes again!


  3. jeff7salter says:

    Oh, good grief. Doesn’t this guy have a sister?
    Okay… here’s his “brief” story (ha).
    Warren’s girlfriend pointed out that this articular stretch of highway was known for Bear Crossing.
    Warren has always had difficulty with homophones, and he thought she’d said Bare Crossing.


  4. jbrayweber says:

    Hoooo boy! That’ll be tough to beat, Jeff. I’m still laughing! 😀


  5. Sarah Andre says:

    HA! Wonderful and creative, boys, my compliments!
    Now strap in. The Mistress of Muse is feeling frisky…

    Oh darn. (sigh) I’ll right be back.


  6. jbrayweber says:

    Ooohhh… *she says as she buckles her seat belt*


  7. Ruth says:

    Now where is that super hero costume? I swore I put it on this morning.


  8. jbrayweber says:

    No need to put on your costume, darlin’. You’re lookin’ pretty super to me.

    LOL! Thanks, Ruth!


  9. Sarah Andre says:

    “I still can’t believe you won this convertible!”
    “I still can’t believe that guy in Vegas thought he could name what was in my purse.”
    “I know, right? No imagination. He deserved to lose the car. Hey, is that a hitchhiker up ahead?”
    “Don’t slow down, Tina. We don’t need man troubles this late at night.”
    “Yowza…look at those biceps.”
    “Look higher…at that expression on his face. Seriously, he looks dangerous.”
    “That’s exactly why I’m slowing down, Shayla.”
    “Because you want to get us killed on the back roads of Nevada?”
    “Because we’re two hormone-crazed cougars. He doesn’t have a prayer. Now let me do the talking.”
    “Why you?”
    “You sound like Minnie Mouse when you’re afraid. It’s very unattractive. I’ve been meaning to tell you.”
    “Shh. Hi there! Want a ride?”
    “Yes ma’am. Car broke down coupla miles back.”
    “You misunderstand. Do you want a RIDE?”
    “Excuse me, ma’am?”
    “I think I’ve made myself perfectly clear. I’m Tina and this is Shayla.”
    “You should probably just wait for the next car, sir…”
    Tina whispers, “Shh! Shut up! You’re as horny as I am.”
    He shuffles his feet. “There hasn’t been another car by here in hours.”
    “Then I guess we’re the best offer you’ll get tonight, honey.”
    “Thank you. I appreciate this.”
    “Oh man, we are so dead. Where’s my pepper spray? Why is he smiling?”
    “Because he’s standing 5 feet away and you sound like Minnie Mouse!”
    “I’m swear I’m not dangerous, ladies…just tired and dusty.” Walks towards car.
    Tina holds her hand up. “Wait a minute! Let’s make this fun.”
    “I won this car on a bet, right, Shayla? Why not let luck decide whether this man gets in it.”
    “I don’t have any cash on me, ma’am.”
    “No worries, babe. We don’t want your cash.”
    “Tiiiinnnnnaaaa….let’s just go!”
    “Here we have a fine specimen of the male species, Shayla, and a young one too. Yet he doesn’t seem to have one tattoo, which for his generation is downright odd. What’s your name, sweetie?”
    “Well, Dane. If you have a tattoo somewhere on your body we’ll not only give you a ride, we’ll share our hotel room. Place is five miles ahead. Winner takes all.”
    Shuffles feet. “Does it have a mini bar?”
    “Sure does. And a shower too. A big one.”
    “And all you want is to see is if I have a tattoo?”

    And this is a snapshot of what happens next.


  10. jbrayweber says:

    O.M.G. This is so, so awesome, Sarah! No wonder you are a Golden Heart finalist. You’ve got this, babe! You soooo got this!


  11. jeff7salter says:

    I say this round goes to Sarah … again.


  12. Thank you, Jenn. Here’s my take: This guy is a flasher. Trouble is, he’s pretty lousy at it. He’s been standing by the road at a stop sign. When a car stops he tries to expose himself, but forgot he’d left on his tidy whities.

    So he quickly pulls those down too. But things still don’t go as expected. Guess who’s driving the car? Jenn! And who’s in the passenger seat? Mary Anne! When they see this guy in all his glory, they don’t flee. He turns them on. They get out and chase him. Now he’s gotta run, or else!


  13. jbrayweber says:

    Sure is hard to run with your pants down at your ankles. Poor fella doesn’t stand a chance against us. LOL! Great one, Mary Anne!


  14. jeff7salter says:

    Good one, Mary Anne.


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