Link Of The Week

This site actually started as a Face Book page and was so successful they decided to launch a whole web site. Everyday another unusual and interesting set of facts are posted. New fodder at your fingertips to include in your story daily!

Did you know there’s a college scholarship out there for being resourceful in a zombie apocalypse…but you can only use five things?Aleksi_Zombies_boxcover600_600





Did you know penguins mate for life and actually propose to one another?Penguins




Did you know the pomegranate is almost a cure all?Health-Benefits-of-Promenganate



Come and tickle your fancy with unusual tidbits of information!

6 Responses to Link Of The Week

  1. pibarrington says:

    Wow, what a great link! I can already use some of the information! Great idea! Thanks so much Stacey!


  2. You are so welcome!! This really tickled my fancy today. 🙂


  3. Will Graham says:

    Bookmarked! Now to stay OUT of it…:) Thank you, Stacey!


  4. Glad you liked it, Will.


  5. jeff7salter says:

    I should have gotten my degree in Zombie-ism instead of Library Science.


  6. We all should have done that- what were we thinking?!?!?


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