Hump Day Kick Start – Six Pack in the Doorway Edition

Song of the Day: Bent by Matchbox Twenty

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.

come in

Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Oh wait…never mind. Just come on in!

We may not see his face clearly, but there is a whole lot of emotion we can see, both in his face and his body language. So who is our subject today? Is he coming in or is he about to turn and go? Is he broken, hoping the woman he loves doesn’t close the door on him? Could he be searching for courage to enter the childhood home where he endured many soul-crushing scars? Does he have regret for what he is about to do? If so, what is it? Suppose he has bad news for his beautiful neighbor. Maybe he just finished a grueling set of chin-ups using the door frame.

You tell me. I’m anxious to hear your take on this picture prompt.

19 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Six Pack in the Doorway Edition

  1. Will Graham says:

    ” ‘Timeout’? I’m too OLD for ‘Timeout’. Next time I get told to bring back one dozen Black and White Cookies for The Pistol, I guess I better bring back an even dozen, not eleven….. Oh, man, am I in trouble……”


  2. jbrayweber says:

    Ha, Will! Pistol can bring even the roughest of men to his knees. 😉


  3. Sarah Andre says:

    (Long inhale to steady my trembling….)
    Ooooooh. My. Goodness.

    Unfortunately I am off to pamper myself (a facial, you smut-minded vixen!) but count me in for a story later!


  4. jbrayweber says:

    Smut-minded vixen, Sarah? That’s calling the kettle black. HAHA!


  5. jeff7salter says:

    this is one of those Wednesdays when I REALLLY, REALLLLY want to know if he has a sister…


  6. jbrayweber says:

    HAHA! Hoping for good genes, huh? She’s probably next door waiting for you, Jeff. Why are you still here? 😉


  7. girldrinkdrunk says:

    “Uh… ma’am? I’m done cracking all them walnuts with my stomach, like you asked. Anything else I can do for y’all?”


  8. jbrayweber says:

    Oh, look. I have another bag of walnuts. Kristen and I will just sit here on the porchswing drinking our, ahem, tea and watch.


  9. Will Graham says:

    Really, Jenn?? I never knew that….. O:)

    jbrayweber says:
    April 30, 2014 at 8:54 am

    Ha, Will! Pistol can bring even the roughest of men to his knees. 😉


  10. girldrinkdrunk says:

    “Help! I’ve been held hostage at a P90X training camp! For the love of God, give me some Cheetos and beer!


  11. Sarah Andre says:

    Rap, rap, rap.
    Door is opened by 80-year-old Martha Farmer.
    “Good gracious, young man, where’s your shirt?”
    “I left it in my pick up.” Jerks his thumb over his shoulder where, yes indeed, there’s a rusty red pick up. “Mr. Farmer said I could collect my check from you.”
    “Oh, you must be Luke Collins, the new boy.”
    “I’m not a bo–”
    “You ARE aware that your angel wings are on the wrong side of your body.”
    “Yes, ma’am. Reminds me I’m headed for the wrong side of heaven.”
    “That ain’t nothing to brag about, Luke Collins.”
    “Yes, ma’am.” He breaks into a wide and unapologetic smile.
    Martha frowns to hide her smile.
    “Just baked an apple pie. Would you like to come in for a slice and a cold glass of milk while I write the check?”

    His stomach decides at that exact moment to growl loudly.
    “No ma’am, Thank you, though.”
    “I may be 80, young man, but even I heard that stomach.”
    “It’s just that I’m in a hurry to get back to the Y. First come, first serve for the cots. Didn’t know that, so last night I slept on the floor.”
    “Suit yourself. Sam honey?” she calls down the hall, “Come keep this young man company!”
    “I don’t need company, Mrs. Farmer. Just the check.” He ends up mumbling that to her back as she bustles away. Crap. Now he has to make nice with some guy.

    The Farmer house isn’t air conditioned so there’s no relief from the Indian Summer afternoon. Luke lets out a bone weary sigh and turns to stare at the borrowed truck. He thinks about all the choices he’s made to end up as a destitute farm hand. If only he hadn’t–

    “Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.”
    Luke glances behind him. A smokin’ hot blonde in a pink bikini top grins up at him, her eyes the color of the clear Iowa sky. Faded cut off short-shorts showcase tanned legs a mile long and glittery gold toenails. She arches her eyebrow when there’s no response.
    “Lei capiccia l’Italiano?”
    “What?” he says, stupidly, still blinded by this angelic vision.
    “Nothin. Just practicing my Italian. I’m Samantha.”

    (Thank you, Baby Jesus.) “I’m Luke. Collins.”
    “Oh, the new boy.”
    “I’m not a–”
    “You wanna come in for some pie? Granny just made it.”
    “I…I can’t.”
    “Give me three reasons.” She folds her arms and those luscious bikini clad beauties pop to rounded crescents above the material. It’s too much. It’s been so long. If he doesn’t look away he’ll be showing her a large, embarrassing reaction.

    He raises his arms, resting his inner elbows on the door frame and looks down at the hole in his dusty sneakers.

    “I ain’t heard a reason yet and Granny’s pie is gettin’ cold.”

    He thinks about the beds at the Y and all the guys already calling dibs. Thinks about what a stinking, sweaty mess he is. Thinks once more about the PTSD he’s suffering from after four tours that have left him with an ex, no job, no home.
    And no hope.

    He takes a deep breath and without looking up he says softly, “Thank you, Sam. I’d love some of your granny’s pie.”


  12. jbrayweber says:

    Now THAT, Sarah, is the start of an amazing story. Write it! Write it NOW!


  13. jeff7salter says:

    Okay, Sarah, I’m DYING to see a photo of Samantha!


  14. jbrayweber says:

    That’s why we love you, Jeff!


  15. jeff7salter says:

    And me not even having abs worth talking about…


  16. reneeregent says:

    I’m keeping this one…oh my word……


  17. jbrayweber says:

    LOL! You should see my personal cache, Rene. *grins wickedly*


  18. Marie says:

    “OMG! You never told me that your kids are on summer vacation! The little ahem, beasts are brutal. First they made me take out a kayak and paddle down the river for miles.
    I tell you , miles. Get me a beer, quick,and tell me where I can hide. They want to go hiking next!.”


  19. jbrayweber says:

    I know the BEST hiding spots. Quick! Follow me!

    Good one, Marie!


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