Hump Day Kick Start – Sexy, Sweaty, Pitchfork Edition

Song of the Day: My Demons by Starset

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.



Oh Theo…how I’ve missed you so.

If you stare too long, that silly grin will stick.

Let your imagination roam on today’s prompt. All over… *swoons* Who is our glistening prompt? Is he the new/old stable hand? Is he a horse baron who owns and breeds racehorses? Or does he work for the new, sexy, single  ranch owner who is from the city? Will he teach her a thing or two about farming? What happened to his shirt? Oh, never mind. That doesn’t matter. *more swooning*

Love to hear your thoughts.

14 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Sexy, Sweaty, Pitchfork Edition

  1. girldrinkdrunk says:

    My, how deliciously elemental!

    There’s something about rubber boots…


  2. jeff7salter says:

    Oh, good grief…
    [heavy sigh]
    Can’t come up with an appropriate story for Elroy, but I do have two bits of advice for him:
    1. Tighten up those suspenders, Dude — you’re draggin’
    2. With your britches that low, and hay hanging on your back, you’re gonna be picking hay stalks out of your crack for the next several days.
    Don’t ask me how I know.


    • jbrayweber says:

      I’m heavy sighing, too, Jeff. Just not for the same reason. LOL!

      Usually I hate to see someone with low pants. Strangely, not this time. And, Jeff, if you’re not picking straw out your butt, you’re doing it wrong. But you just called yourself out, stable boy. HAHA!


  3. Sarah Andre says:

    Why it’s Johan Hassenpfeffer, from the Amish country! Let me think about this, because the Amish aren’t usually known for sizzling sexual tension…but by that look in his eyes, Johan may pull a story out of Muse yet.


  4. Hi Jenn! Thanks for the pic of my dream man Theo Theodoridis. My favorite Greek tragedy!

    I’ve had a hard time coming up with a story for this shot. I thought of “horsing around” and “stable relationship” and “in the saddle”.

    Or maybe there’s something kinky going on in this stable. In that case, we can call it “Fifty Shades of Hay”.

    Keep up the good work!


  5. Sarah Andre says:

    Oh Mary Anne, those were GREAT!


  6. Sarah Andre says:

    So, everyone knows the Ohio Amish are much ‘looser’ and less restrictive than the Pennsylvania Amish. But even by Ohio standards, second cousins, Uta and Gretchen were one wild activity away from being ‘shunned’ (banned by their people.)

    In frantic fear, their parents sent their rebellious daughters to live with an even more distant cousin in Pennsylvania, an old farmer named Emiel Hassenpfeffer. The parents hoped a week-long stay in TRUE Amish conditions would straighten Uta and Gretchen up.

    The first few hours in their new digs were pretty horrific. Emiel was a gentle but strict man, and although the girls never paid attention to their parents or the Ohio society, something about his authoritarian ways made them comply with his rules. They were instructed to wear loose black wool dresses, white aprons and little white caps. Next, pray for half an hour and then begin making dinner for the extended Hassenpfeffer family. Then set the table for 18 and ring a giant bell to summon everyone from the field.

    As the large family trooped in, Uta nudged Gretchen. Among the many farm-weary people was a tall, handsome man with piercing brown eyes. His blond hair was long and tied into a messy ponytail. (Something that was slightly-not-allowed among the Pennsylvania Amish. Another Amish Rebel perhaps?)

    Gretchen, the bolder of the two, marched over, nudged Emiel’s wife farther down the table and plopped herself next to the ponytailed hottie. Uta sat across from them and translated introductions, since she knew German and that’s all this family spoke. Gretchen had never bothered to learn German, which wasn’t pleasant-sounding on her tongue, and now she regretted it.

    Uta explained that the man (who had a dazzling, white smile) was Johan, the eldest son. While the remaining family worked in the wheat fields, Johan was in charge of the barn, corn silo, and feeding the livestock. Meaning he was far from the prying eyes of his busy-bee family. The girls traded looks and then bowed, along with the family, in prayer.

    The next day the two girls left the family’s laundry soaking in a creek and wandered into the barn area. They quickly spotted Johan, sitting on a 3-legged stool, milking a cow. The heat and humidity inside was intense, but he wore a black wool suit, fully buttoned white shirt, and straw hat.
    “Why are you wearing so many clothes to work in here?” Uta asked in German.

    He explained that it was the Amish way, wiped the sweat streaming from his face and ignored them for the cow’s teats. Gretchen told Uta to challenge him to wear something besides that black wool suit tomorrow. When he heard the dare in German, Johan pointed to their loose black dresses and white aprons with a raised eyebrow. Gretchen laughed and lifted her dress. Underneath she had on a purple string bikini. Johan blushed something fierce, but shot them that dazzling, white smile as he turned back to his work.

    The next day the girls decided that the sheets on the clothesline were still damp (they weren’t) and meandered into the barn. Lo and behold, Johan was in a white suit, shirt and straw hat.

    “Tell him I bet that feels a lot cooler,” Gretchen instructed, and Uta translated. He nodded and his rich, husky laughter made both girls’ knees go weak.

    “Ask him if he has a girlfriend or fiancée.”
    Turns out he didn’t.
    Now, the Ohio Amish know that the Pennsylvania Amish remain steadfast virgins until their wedding night. Most Ohio Amish do too, but Uta and Gretchen were Amish Rebels…and had not waited.

    “I’ve got big plans for you, stud-muffin,” Gretchen murmured. “Don’t translate that!”
    Instead she told Uta to dare him to wear NO shirt the next day. Johan told Uta that wasn’t fair since the girls wore bathing suits under their clothes. Gretchen winked and lifted her dress again. She was lusciously naked. Johan blushed even redder than yesterday, but took way too long to turn back to his pigs.

    Well, the third day came and the girls safety-pinned the ripped clothing they were given to sew, so their work was done. They slipped into the barn and stopped in their tracks. Thick, ropey muscles of Johan’s bare back strained under the weight of a bale of hay he tossed up into the loft. When he turned and grabbed a pitchfork he noticed the girls. And they noticed that his wool pants were way too loose and way suspenders too long.

    “Ant now?” he said in broken English, his heat-seeking eyes roaming from one cousin to the other.
    “Tell him he gets rewarded,” Gretchen ordered, slowly unbuttoning her black dress.
    “I hope you don’t expect me to just translate and watch you two.”
    “Nope. I expect you to join in.”

    And this is the snapshot of his face as both girls walk towards him.


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