Hump Day Kick Start – Island God Edition

Song of the day: Slow Burn by Atreyu

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.

theo beach


In honor of my pirate release Mutiny of the Heart next week, summer, and golden Greek gods everywhere, I give you today’s delicious prompt. It’s a little late. I lost track of time while drooling.

So tell me about our fine deity, er, I mean fellow. Who is he? Ruler of the island? A fisherman? A wanted man on the lam? What/who is he looking at? What is his expression? Is he a broken man after the love of his life left him for a city boy? Is he swearing vengeance to an enemy on a neighboring island for destroying his home and family? Maybe he is praying  for a monster wave at tomorrow’s surfing contest. Or plotting how he will win the sexy tourist’s heart. Did he become stranded after a three hour tour went horribly wrong with a group of clueless, ragtag characters?

I’d love to hear your version? Go ahead, take your time. 😉


19 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Island God Edition

  1. jeff7salter says:

    Herman had an itch. It was so bad that he had to stop on the beach, sink to his knees, and give that ankle a good going-over.
    When he tried to get back up, he tripped on that awful belt he’d spend a week trying to macrame.


  2. pibarrington says:

    I don’t normally write Christian genre but he IS wearing a cross:

    She’d left him in the night when the moon shone on the waves and whitecaps and didn’t bother to explain why. When the dawn came he thought he could see the tiny mast of her small ship, the one she learned to sail as a child. What could have caused her to abandon him in the dark after their first lovemaking? Was it the cross he wore and tried to explain to her what it meant? Would she have stayed if he’d torn it from his neck and cast it into the sea?
    For one brief instant he considered doing it; ripping his faith and his love for her into two separate garments and tossing one aside. But no, even if he abandoned his own God it would not bring her back. In fact she wouldn’t even know he did it and probably wouldn’t care just as she didn’t care when he tried to convince her of the truth of his belief. She’d laughed in his face, saying the sea was the only faith she needed.
    He watched the water sparkle as the sun hit mid-point in the sky, wondering if she would come back, if the sea cradled her as passionately as he’d done in the night, the one night, the only night.
    The only thing he could do now was pray.


  3. Marie says:

    His name is Gilligan. His ship hit the beach ten years ago. Everything was heavenly with Ginger and Maryann ministering to his every need. Sumptuous feasts and piña coladas were the daily rigeur. But, alas, Falstaff arrived on the island carrying books and entrancing his maidens with knowledge. Knowledge that enticed them into making new lives for themselves. When Professor Jeeves arrived with more answers to their newly awakened minds, they decided to leave the island to pursue their dreams. Now, Gilligan, down on his knees with sadness is left to read the books left behind. Gillian will improve his mind and attract more lovelies enticing them with power through reading.


  4. girldrinkdrunk says:

    Mmmm. Salty!


  5. Marie says:

    Thank you, pibarrington. I love your story!!


  6. Sarah Andre says:

    Don’t have time for the tome this week folks, but Patti and Marie (and Jeff of course) did fabulous!
    I’d say this is Mamood in Bali. Mornings he’s a surfing instructor for American tourists and afternoons he teaches yoga on the beach.

    This is a picture of him just finishing Camel (wide kneel, bend backward and wrap your hands around your heels.) Next up is Downward Dog-an inverted V.
    Head and hands down here -> ^ <-legs here

    Naturally both Camel and Downward Dog reeeeeally expose a woman's 'lovely bits', so his intense gaze is on the hot chick in the front row. She's in a red string bikini and is about to lift her butt high in the air, legs spread. He's super glad he wore the loose yoga pants today.

    Ya'll have a good night. (wink)


  7. Now him I like! Tweeted and shared.


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