Friday Fun Facts- For Readers And Writers

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This blog was originally created to track the journey of a group of new writers. It’s changed in many ways. Our membership has grown and it now includes readers as well as writers. Jennifer and I wanted to create a day of information that would appeal to everyone.

This world is full of interesting, sometimes bizarre, amazing things. As a writer, these tidbits of information can add depth and texture to your story. As a reader, it’s just plain interesting to discover! Welcome to Friday Fun Facts.

The Wild History of Men’s Underwear- (Who knew?)

1. Otzi, the centuries old ice man, was found wearing a leather loin cloth under his grass cloak.Otzi

2. King Tutankhamun was buried with 145 linen loincloths in his tomb. (He’ll be fresh in the after-world!)

3. Teutons and Romans wore undergarments as well. I think it was to protect sensitive parts being chafed raw under leather skirts.

4. Knight wore thicker and more fitted apparel to fit under all their armor.knightstemplar

5. Renaissance men knew what women liked so they developed the cod piece- a stiff and stuffed gusset for under their tights. (Naughty, naughty boys.)men-outfits

6. In 1935, a company named Coopers Inc. made underwear called “Jockey” because they included a jock strap built into the fabric.tighty-whitey

7. Boxers came into being after WWI. The soldiers liked their regulation briefs so much, they demanded to get them after coming home.

8. We won’t discuss men’s thongs.

Just Say "NO!"

Just Say “NO!”

5 Responses to Friday Fun Facts- For Readers And Writers

  1. jeff7salter says:

    Okay, now I’m confused. did the boxers come after briefs? or did boxers precede briefs?


  2. OK, you got me!! Boxers came before the whitey tighties. World War I came in the early 1900s, clearly before the advent of our modern day look.


  3. jbrayweber says:

    I like “fitted”. LOL!


  4. Well, commando also has merits!!!


  5. You forgot the Regency era! They did have drawers, but many men just tucked their shirts under. Tweeted.


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