Hump Day Kick Start – Tasty Seduction Edition

Song of the day: The Worst Way by Cinder Road

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.



My, my. I think ladies and gentlemen alike might enjoy today’s prompt.

Who is our couple? Boss and assistant? Actress and director? Spy and decoy? Home owner and decorator? A certain blonde MuseTracker and Joe Manganiello? Where are they? A hotel? His Bedroom? Hers? The party host’s? Is she seducing him, or is it the other way around? Is there something more involved than the obvious? Could one be after something the other has? Money? Position? Power? What is he thinking? How does he taste? Does it matter? I’m thinking not.

What’s your take? Let me hear from you!

17 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Tasty Seduction Edition

  1. Sarah Andre says:

    Here I am!
    What does he think? How does he taste? Does it matter…? Hmmm.
    I think not as well. 😉

    I’ll be back to tell you EXACTLY what is going on. (Although help me out…what is her left hand resting on??) Need all deets. Story depends on it.


  2. jbrayweber says:

    YAY! You’re back! I’ve missed you.

    I’m not sure what her hand is resting on. A beanie?


  3. jeff7salter says:

    Finally — a cute girl withOUT all the shadows!
    Thanks, Jenn.
    Okay, here’s her story:
    Sharona & Elwood are both actors for TV commercials. They had not even met before today when each was on break from the shooting and both still in costume.
    As Elwood approached the set where Sharona lay, he could only wonder what product was being advertised in that commercial.
    After a tentative greeting, he asked.
    “Oh, I’m selling one of those foams that gives you an alternative to leg shaving.”
    “Really,” he said. “Does it work?”
    “Feel for yourself,” she replied, as she lifted her smooth leg toward Elwood.
    “Hmm. VERY nice indeed. Shapely and smooth as silk.”
    She blushed slightly. “So what are you selling in Studio Six?”
    “Oh, it’s pretty stupid. Don’t even know why they cast me.”
    “So what is the product, Elwood?”
    “Well, I thought it was peanut butter, but they keep telling me it’s something called Nutella.”
    “I’ve heard of that. What’s it like?”
    “Don’t know yet,” he replied. “Every time I’m about to taste it, the director yells CUT and I have to clean the dab of Nutella off my finger and wait for my cue again.”
    “Is that a sample?” she asked, pointing to his forefinger.
    “As a matter of fact, it is. They were out of tissues on my set… which is how come I wandered over here. And glad I did.”
    “Well, I don’t have any tissues, but I’ll be happy to lick it off,” replied Sharona. “I’ve never tasted Nutella…”


  4. jbrayweber says:

    I love Nutella and will gladly clean his finger, and any other body part. Oops…did I just say that?
    Love it, Jeff!


  5. jeff7salter says:

    LOL. You’re certainly welcome. thanks for the eye candy


  6. Sarah Andre says:

    CUTE, Jeff! (I’ve tasted it…I’d lick it off his finger.)


  7. Sarah Andre says:

    She’d been fantastic. The kind of frenzied sex only a lonely, married, voracious bombshell could pull off, but he needed to get out of here and finish his job. Time was running way too short because of her.

    He zipped up his pants and shrugged into his sport jacket, noting he’d buttoned up his shirt wrong. He was in too much of a hurry to correct it. He shot his cuffs and raked a hand through his hair. She’d done a number up there too, his scalp still stung from those sharp French manicured nails.

    Out of the corner of his eye she lay there, still and seductive, eyeing him with a smile that said she knew he wouldn’t go. Any sane man would fling off the towel, jump from the stool and head back in for Round Two.

    “Gotta go,” he said, curtly. “And again, I apologize for the intrusion. I had it on good authority that you and your husband were in Bali.”

    “He took his mistress,” she answered, stroking his gray knit cap with her left hand like it was…er…another part of his anatomy.

    “His mistress? Don’t you care?” he asked. Surely a wife should sound more jealous and vengeful.

    “I’m not a hypocrite,” she answered, shrugging an alabaster-satiny shoulder. “Besides, then I wouldn’t have met you.” Her emphasis on ‘met’ was not lost on him and he didn’t fight the grin. She really was gorgeous. And oh, so willing. And OH so good!

    Internally he shook himself from the direction his thoughts and anatomy were urging. “I’ll need my cap back.”

    “You’ll need to come over here and get it.”

    Torn between impatience and lust he stayed where he was–to the left of the oil painting propped on the plush carpet under the wall safe, open and emptied. He patted his breast pocket where he’d stashed the R-22 device. He still needed to steal the 410A disc, the so-called ‘key master’ code to open the R-22 plans. Dawn approached and he still had to break into her husband’s partner’s house.

    “My cap,” he said more firmly. “Just toss it from there.”

    Her inhale was a study in master seduction. The kind that was long and slow and lifted her pert breasts, extended her swan-like neck and sounded like a the softest of sighs. A simple inhale that could bring a man to his knees. That sweet breath left just as slowly. “I’m too tired,” she said, pouting softly. (Which would have been effective if her eyes weren’t calculating the sin she could shower upon him.) “I suppose,” she added, “I could come up with the muscle strength if you told me your name.”

    “John Smith.”
    “I ain’t that stupid, John Smith.”
    “I can’t rob you and then give you my name.” He pointed at the cap and crooked a finger.
    “Ummmm….you forgot the hours of seducing me part. Just to refresh your memory it happened after you stole my husband’s gizmo-thingy. John.”

    The way she stretched out ‘John’ in that throaty way made him wish that really was his name. He would fall asleep to that memory for the rest of his life. Christ! He had to man-up and take control. Surely he could march across the room and snatch his cap from where she lay on that black mink ottoman. An ottoman he was now intimately acquainted with.

    “Let’s just keep it at John. I need to run.” He made the effortful journey across the grand bedroom until he stood before her silky, lingerie-clad body. Her hyacinth perfume (he’d had to ask) drifted into his nostrils and actually made him a bit dazed. He held out his hand. “My cap.”

    Her left leg came up as if to wrap around him and draw him closer but he wasn’t a fool. And this wasn’t his first burglary turned seduction. He palmed her calf and meant to push it away but it came out more like a caress. She smiled approvingly and grazed his finger with her teeth. “No,” she said, and her grip on his cap tightened.

    “I can’t burgle without my lucky cap.”
    “Then you have a choice. Tell me your name or take your clothes back off.”

    And this is the snapshot of him making the decision.


  8. jbrayweber says:

    I didn’t even realize burgle was a word. Ha! Welcome back, Sarah. As usual, you have enthralled and entertained me with your talent.


  9. If you promise to quit biting me, I’ll buy you some pants. Heck I’ll throw in a shirt, too.


  10. jbrayweber says:

    Or….maybe he should remove his pants and shirt. Yeah…I like that idea better. 😉


  11. That’s not what I meant when I said, “pull my finger.”


  12. jbrayweber says:

    *face palm* Kristen, Kristen, Kristen…


  13. pibarrington says:

    Definitely the casting couch. But just what was she auditioning for? The lead? Supporting role? He’d “auditioned” more than a few and more than a few of them gave him rather crass performances but this one was decidedly different. She possessed sexual finesse, teasing and thrilling at the same time while also hinting at complete abandonment of inhibitions. The same attributes that Monroe owned. An incredible build up to an insane climax; one that he could never forget. Perhaps he needed to give her a call-back for a second “reading.”


    She wanted that part and determined to get it, regardless the competition. With what she could do, she was a shoo-in for an Oscar. She just needed to convince him of that. She wanted to give him an audition that stood out from God knew how many women who attempted it. So she started slow, licking, nipping, progressing to biting, ratcheting it up more and more each time. Then she’d pause, driving him to more desperate levels, maintaining control always. Always until he cried out however. She stood up, adjusted her thong and bra straps then stared him in the eye.
    “So. When do I sign the contract?”
    “You already have.” He managed.

    This is the best I could manage right now. The idea of writing both POVs popped up in my head after the fourth line.


  14. jbrayweber says:

    VERY nice, Patti. Very nice. Loved the end dialogue. 😀


  15. pibarrington says:

    Hey, unrelated but are you going to have agent/editor shops soon? Did you already post that it was delayed until later?


  16. jbrayweber says:

    I haven’t pursued resuming Agent/Editor Shop, and won’t until possibly the end of the year when time will permit. It’s not gone for good. Just on hiatus. Thanks for asking, Patti!


  17. pibarrington says:

    Thanks. I thought I remembered you mentioning that. Not a problem!!


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