Friday Fun Facts- Lunch Anyone?

We are funny creatures. Having enough food is important to our survival. Without it, we will surely die. So what do we do? We elevate the containers we use to carry lunch to an iconic level. large

Seriously. If you can find an Annie Oakley lunch box, you’d have to pay Around $700 to bring it home! A Beatles one will set you back almost $1500.IMG_1986

– Lunch boxes have been around for 900 years. The Japanese use bento boxes, ornately decorated lacquer boxes, and in India, they use tiffin-wallahs, round metal stackable tins.il_340x270.644319163_g5v8

– Many children and husbands used to return home for lunch so a box wasn’t really needed. That being said, in the late 19th century, metal cigar boxes were re-used to put in a bottle of water and snacks for the walk home. (Side note: Since I grew up in Malaysia, our school had no air-con and we were dismissed at 12:30. I never had a lunch box until I was in high school and we switched to a more modern building.)

– People re-used paper sacks from grocery stores which eventually brought about the little brown paper bag for lunches. This bag was created in 1852 by Francis Wolle and still used today.brownpaperbag

– Then came television and it all changed.

– Aladdin Industries produced the first metal lunch box aimed at children. They slapped a decal of Hopalong Cassidy on it, a popular TV character, and sold 600,000 of them almost overnight! If you want to buy one today, be prepared to spend $550.

– 1972 a group of Florida parents, concerned about safety, brought about legislation to restrict the use of metal boxes. Plastic ones took their place even though metal ones were still made until 1987.

2 Responses to Friday Fun Facts- Lunch Anyone?

  1. jeff7salter says:

    I remember SEEING lunch boxes with Roy Rogers and other people/characters on them, but the only one I ever owned was a smaller version of the blue collar factory lunchbox with rounded top which held a thermos bottle.


  2. I love the sweet bento! So do my kids. is a great blog about all things bento and my favorite: shabu-shabu.


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