Friday Fun Facts- Belly Button Busters!

We’ve all got one.sdfgnbdfg

Some are in and some are button-cute out. Here’s the scoop on this tiny area of our belly.

– Do NOT wash your belly button with antibacterial items. Apparently, it’s like a nature preserve down there and hosts up to 1400 different kinds of bacteria. Some of these are our first line of defense when the bad ones come calling.images_011

– Why do some of us have innies? About 90% of us do, as a matter of fact. Doctors will cut it about 3cm away from the baby’s body and the tiny bit left behind will drop off in about 2 weeks. It seems that if the umbilical cord was clamped and cut, it turns into an innie. If it was tied and cut, it will most likely be an outie. Hmmm who knew?pmd001

– It used to be that our belly buttons didn’t serve much of a purpose after birth. Boy, has that changed! Doctors now do key hole surgeries using the belly button. One incision and you can put in a camera, do internal re-arranging and some exploring while running less chance of infections. You don’t even need a passport!

OK- This was just because I like him...but he does have a great belly button!

OK- This was just because I like him…but he does have a great belly button!

– You must take care of it. It can get infected and that is bad. With skin that folds over due to age or being over weight, it’s an ideal spot to grow fungal infections. Warm, moist and without a lot of light is just the recipe needed.

– Apparently, the most common color for belly fluff is blue because the most popular type of clothing is blue jeans!

2 Responses to Friday Fun Facts- Belly Button Busters!

  1. jeff7salter says:

    I’ve never given much thought to navels. But I do remember, as a grown man, suddenly discovering that I had about six pounds of lint in mine. I went to dig it out with a Q-tip and learned something else: the area inside the navel is VERY tender. If you poke or prod it, it feels like you’re about 1 skin-ta-meter away from your innards.


  2. I can’t stand it if anyone touches my belly button!
    Including myself!
    It is very tender and I always felt if you push hard enough, you’d poke inside your tummy. YUCK! It was especially tender when I was pregnant and it popped out. I remember walking around with my hand over it to protect anything from bumping it.


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