Friday Fun Facts- I Present The Oreo

The idea that kangaroos have 3 vaginas weirded me out so much last week, I wanted to stay on the sweet side of things this time. Here’s what you may not know about an iconic cookie:oreo

– Oreos are 102 years old. That’s right, they came on the market in 1912.

– They originally came in two flavors, regular and lemon meringue. The second one wasn’t a favorite and faded out in the 1920s.

– It is still the world’s most popular cookie selling in over 100 countries.

– When they first came out, they were sold by the pound and cost .30 per pound.

– There ARE other flavors of Oreos! In China, there is green tea ice cream Oreos. In Argentina, there are dulche de leche and bananna flavors.

– It takes 59 minutes to make an Oreo.

– Even though it has a creamy filling, it’s on the list of being “accidentally vegan”.

– Oreos became Kosher in 1997. It took 3 years to convert over and was EXTREMELY pricey to do. Why was it not Kosher? It was made with pig lard at one point.

– Eating this cookie is also a personality test. Twisters are sensitive, artistic and trendy. Biters are easy-going and self confident. Dunkers tend to be adventurous and social. Who knew?

– The origin of the name has been lost. Some same it was derived from the french word or meaning gold. The were originally sold in a gold box.

– If you laid out all the Oreo cookies sold, it would go around the earth 381 times!

– Each cookie has 12 dashes, 12 flowers, and 12 dots on it.

– A study showed that rat’s brains respond to Oreos the same way they responded to drugs!oreo_Full1 oreo









12 Responses to Friday Fun Facts- I Present The Oreo

  1. If rats react to Oreos as you say, I wonder how do Kangaroos female with that clear advantage on reaching climax in one way of the three.


  2. That is a very good observation!


  3. jeff7salter says:

    I love oreos. And before I had to give up gluten (1085 days ago), I could eat Oreos all day long. Delicious!
    I have friends, however, who swear that Hydrox cookies — similar appearance — are not only the alleged “original” but supposedly taste better. I’m pretty sure I tried Hydrox somewhere along the line and I thought of them as poor imitations.


  4. …not that you’re counting or anything.
    I’ve tried Hydrox cookies before and there is no comparison! I still think Oreos are the best cookie of its kind.


  5. jeff7salter says:

    Oreos definitely beat Hydrox any day


  6. Ruth kenjura says:

    I’m with you Stacey. Oreos are the best. Now the real question– How do you eat your oreos? whole, eat the middle first, dunk, dry or with something salty? Do you like milk or something else? And have you had a fried oreo?


  7. I did have a fried Oreo and was not impressed. My daughter, on the other hand, waxed poetic over the thing. I love to dunk them in milk!


  8. jbrayweber says:

    If anyone cares to, try the Watermelon Oreo. It will surprise you. They are quite tasty!


  9. Will Graham says:

    Years ago, always around Christmas time, Oreos put out a White Chocolate Frosted Oreo…. and they were AWESOME!


  10. jbrayweber says:

    I can MAKE those, William.


  11. Hmm. My ‘personality’ type isn’t listed. I am a frosting scraper. I scrape it off into the trash to prevent lard-y interference with chocolate perfection.

    And no, sadly, I don’t qualify for OCD. My house is a disaster.


  12. Well, the good news is they don’t use lard anymore when making these delicious delectables! I actually know a few people who eat them just the way you do- you are not alone!


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