Friday Fun Facts- Slip Into My Dreams

Happy Halloween!

Since this is the time of dreams…and nightmares, I thought we’d take a look at things you may not know about when you sleep.Dreams18-1

– The people in your dreams are people you’ve actually seen. Our brains can do some amazing things, but it can’t create the image of people. So it calls on the huge cast of characters you’ve bumped into throughout your life to invent the people of your dreams.

– Every single one of us dreams. (Unless you have an EXTREME psychological disorder.) A study was done where each subject was woken up at the beginning of each dream, but allowed to sleep for a full 8 hours. the next day they were cranky, couldn’t concentrate, some had hallucinations and even had signs of psychosis after 3 days!

– You might be able to upload your dreams to YouTube soon.What?!?! The science can be found at U.C. Berkeley- go look it up.

– I don’t think you’ll be shocked by this. The origin of the term “pipe dream” was coined to describe the ideas people came up with while they smoked opium.

– “lucid dreaming” is a technique where you can control your dreams. This is most often used to turn nightmares into something better.

– When you dream, your body is paralyzed.

– Sex. Females dream about it as often as males. They may think about it more while awake, but we catch up at night. 🙂

– Salvador Dali would force himself awake just as he had a dream in order to capture the surreal moments. He’d sit in a chair with a metal plate on the floor. He’d hold a spoon over the plate and relaxed. As he’d drop off to sleep, he’d drop the spoon and the noise would awaken him to paint.


Sweet dreams tonight! Don’t let the goblins get you.



6 Responses to Friday Fun Facts- Slip Into My Dreams

  1. I used the idea of lucid dreaming in one of my books.


  2. How cool! Did you do a lot of research for it? This idea intrigues me very much, but I didn’t have time to delve into it. Sounds fascinating.

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  3. I wanted to know if it were possible for someone to know they were dreaming and try to control the dream, but be unable to do it. That’s when I discovered Lucid Dreaming, it’s the awareness, but not always the ability to control what happens. The book is called In Plain Sight. I often use dreams to move the plot along in my stories. You’ll find examples of that in both Echoes of the Past and On His Watch.


  4. Ruth Kenjura says:

    The only dream you didn’t mention is the one in which you dream of a murder- in your dream you see the husband and wife, he pulls the car over at the top of an overpass, pulls out a gun and shoots the wife. You wake the next morning only to realize it really happened- but you weren’t there.


  5. Uhhhhhhh Ruth…..I have a special doctor……


  6. jeff7salter says:

    I’ve long been fascinated by dreams, the images, the scenes, and how (whether) they connect to “real life.”
    During 1992, due to multiple medical issues, I had several months in which I got hardly any restorative sleep. No REM to speak of. and during that time I had no dreams that I could recall having… much less remember any detail.
    After a Dr. finally bean dealing with my sleep issue, I began sleeping better and over the next 18 months or so, I was FLOODED with vivid dreams. Not only could I remember dreaming, but I could recall significant detail of nearly every one.


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