Friday Fun Facts- Can You Feel My Pain?


Your favorite character is in excruciating pain to the point she’s debilitated and can only lie there praying for it to pass…oh wait, that was me yesterday. My scientific, well educated conclusion on migraines? They suck.

This morning is a new day! Besides having that slight hangover feel, I’m back to my old self. Why do these things happen? Why do some people suffer from them frequently and others only have occasional bouts? I’m lucky- they only come to visit once a month.

Let’s see what we can find out:

– They are related to a higher incidence of suicide. This is true especially if the pain is accompanied with auras or flashes of light. Doctors aren’t sure why they are linked, but depression and migraines seem to be similar in biology. (OK, this does not cheer me up!)

– (Talk about a boomerang effect!) If you use migraine meds too often, it can result in “medication-overuse headaches” and twist down into a vicious cycle. This phenomenon includes over the counter drugs or prescription. Don’t use them more than twice a week.

– The risk of migraines go up if there’s lightning in your area. It also goes up if there’s changes in barometric pressure or humidity. What?!? The scientists can’t explain the humidity aspect, but they’ve concluded that electromagnetic waves or the increased production of ozone and fungus spores accounts for the migraines with lightning.( I think they still have a way to go on these conclusions.)

– Do you think stress brings on migraines? Nope. Apparently they’re more likely to be caused by a let down in stress levels, not by the ramping up. There’s a 20% increase in number when you mood changes from nervous and unhappy to calm and serene. (That just doesn’t seem fair!)headaches

– If you thought that was unfair- SEX can trigger migraines!!!! Noooooooooo…Sex, and sometimes just arousal, can trigger a mother of a headache. It’s more common in younger or mid-life men, but they seem to lessen with age. The obvious solution is to avoid sex…like that’s going to happen! It can be controlled by beta blockers, but you have to be alright with a daily dosage of medication.

– Some migraines come on suddenly and are severe. These are called “thunderclaps” and can warrant a visit to the E.R. Once there, they will give you a shot of some happy medicine and you won’t care about anything, but the pain will be gone!

– You are not alone if you suffer from these. John F. Kennedy, Albert Einstein, Vincent Van Gogh, Ben Affleck, Hugh Jackman, Whoopi Goldberg, Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley, Napoleon Bonaparte, Lewis Carroll, Julius Caesar, and Thomas Jefferson are all there to keep you company as fellow sufferers.icon2-1



4 Responses to Friday Fun Facts- Can You Feel My Pain?

  1. Ruth Kenjura says:

    I know this pain well. I have suffered from these pesky bolts of pain since I was 20. Mine are caused by a few things- mostly because on two injuries to my neck. However, not only do I have the auras or what I like to call the little yellow worms that float around, but this also means that I am loosing half vision in both eyes. How they could tell it was half vision is beyond m, its just what the physician said when I was hospitalized for them. I just know if it happens when I am driving I have to pull over and wait for about twenty to thirty minutes. The vision clears but the pain will body slam my brain. I have tried acupuncture for them and it helps in reducing the intensity and frequency. I really hate taking the meds, as they cause other issues that have nothing to do with the head pain. At least with the acupuncture I could use the over the counted meds and avoid the heavy duty migraine meds and shots. As for sex- I thought sex was the cure-all for everything. At least that’s what my husband said.


  2. Will Graham says:

    I got hit with all this nonsense when I was in my early 40’s…. it can be murderously brutal. Fortunately, (knock wood), they seem to have eased up since I left the Corporate World in the rear-view mirror…. I wonder if there’s a connection……


  3. jbrayweber says:

    Love the Meme. 😉
    Great insight into migraines. Glad you are feeling better!


  4. Jeff Salter says:

    I’ve known several people with chronic migraines… and they’ll do nearly anything to get rid of them.
    A dear friend and coworker had a hysterectomy because her dr. believed her migraines were caused by something related to her uterus and cycle (I suppose — she did not provide much detail). SAdly, that operation did NOT curtail her migraines.


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