Link Of The Week- Self Hatred And What The H… Am I Doing?

Am I a writer? I think I am, but there are moments when my mind tells me I’m just a big dum-dum to even contemplate writing novels. Sheesh. Sigh. Geeeeez.

Today’s L.O.T.W. explores this dark feeling that most every author experiences on a semi regular basis. I know, right now, I’m in the dark tumultuous heart of authorial self hatred so this article was aimed right at Stacey Purcell.Arrows

**As always, Chuck doesn’t blush over bad language so read with that in mind.

5 Responses to Link Of The Week- Self Hatred And What The H… Am I Doing?

  1. jbrayweber says:

    Chuck has an amazing ability to nail this writing thing on the head. Love his Bob Ross reference. Classic!


  2. Never fails. Whenever I’m thinking about something, Chuck has words of wisdom- albeit a bit colorful- to clear my head.


  3. jeff7salter says:

    Of course, like most authors / artists, I have periods of self-doubt. And I think “Chuck” captures that well… even though I think he over-states it a bit.
    I believe I have less of this self-doubt now that I have two small publishers who are sending me contracts, than I did before I had anything but rejections. Chuck makes it sound like having 10 books out hasn’t made any difference.

    all that said, I like this quote: “Creation is hard. Itchy, uncomfortable. Sharp, jagged edges.”
    Often, when I write, I sweat. Yeah, real sweat like I’d have if I was out mowing the lawn.


  4. pibarrington says:

    Oh, I don’t think he’s over-stating the situation at all. I spent almost a year and a half in that exact tailspin until out of desperation I started a new story that was accepted and published in six months this year (2014)! Not bragging, just saying that it happens and it happens deep sometimes. The point is, if you’re a writer, I don’t think you really have a choice in plugging onward. I had a facebook friend, another author who gave it all up because he was overwhelmed with no sales and extreme effort in promoting and marketing his (I believe only) book. I can’t understand that, even with the black year I had during 2013. As a writer, once I took myself seriously, I HAVE to write. I HAVE to get that story out there. Marketing and promotion can be depressing and yes, overwhelming much of the time. There have been a million times I’ve almost given up and yet still something forces me to continue. I’m reminded of the late Gilda Radner of SNL when she once said that as a comedian she told herself, “If I can make just one person laugh, then it’s all worth it.”
    I believe it’s the same for authors. Yes, we’d all like million sellers with film options but it’s something more than that (for me at least). If one person tells me they enjoy my book(s) then it’s all worth it. That’s the real message. That it is worth it, is worth continuing no matter what our self-doubt, insecurity, self hatred. I’m living proof of that.
    Thanks for posting this Stacey!


  5. I’m so glad you have come through the slump of 2013 and have emerged victorious! I believe we all go through periods like that…some of us even go through them time after time after time. It’s wonderful to hear that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for sharing your personal story- I sincerely appreciate it!


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