Link of the Week – Reality Dose

reddotI’m guilty. So guilty. Of what, you say? Oh-so many things. Some of which I will keep closely guarded, like skeletons in a closet. Until, that is, you ply me with alcohol. Then I parade those skeletons out like…

I digress. I am guilty of over-committing myself as an author. I am a little lost, walking in circles, overwhelmed by how much I tell myself I must do to keep up with the Joneses. Certainly I’m not doing enough if I’m not making the same or more money than other authors.  And what about all those authors doing Facebook parties? Joining all those genre and marketing groups? And just why am I lamenting that I can’t spit out a book every 2-3 months? Heck, even 6 months? Of course I commit with all good intentions. A method to the madness with a means to an end. Theoretically, that is. And unfortunately, this extends beyond just my writing career. Yessir, I suffer from committing to too much. Therefore, make slow, slow progress toward my ultimate goals.

You, too?

Well, then this week’s link is just for you. Author (and funny gal!) Kristen Lamb wrote an enlightening and entertaining blog on what she calls Reality Deficit Disorder. Bless her!

You must read her pearls of wisdom. You must! Go. Now.

4 Responses to Link of the Week – Reality Dose

  1. Is there another way to be? I thought we all had to be over committed- like it’s some sort of rule or something.
    Why do we do this stuff to ourselves??? WWWWWHHHHHYYYYYYY?


  2. jeff7salter says:

    I’ll have to click the link later — too much going on right now, but while I’m here, let me commiserate about guilt.
    I used to refer to part of this as “cosmic guilt” — that somehow I was at least partly to blame for nearly everything. [I reached that miserable level because in the organization where I worked, I WAS blamed for nearly everything… even though I was not at fault. But that’s another story altogether.]
    My point, of course, is that it’s way too much baggage for any person to bear.
    I left much of that work-related guilt behind when I retired, but I still have dreams about the place and people.
    But to the matter of writer-related guilt — yeah, I sometimes feel badly that I don’t have a street team yet, haven’t launched my own website, haven’t started an LLC, haven’t done this, haven’t done that, don’t support my writer friends enough, can’t afford to buy everybody’s books, etc.
    Gadzooks! So I take a few deep breaths, recite the Serenity Prayer, and just do the best I can with the resources and time I have.


    • jbrayweber says:

      Of gosh… the “haven’t dones”. I may look and act like I’ve got it together, but my “haven’t done” list is long. I try to remind myself, just as you, that I am doing the best I can right now. Learning to let some things go also helps. Learning to say no, too. Though I admit, I have a tough time with this one.

      Finding balance, Kemosabe…


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