Link Of The Week- I Am The Puppeteer

I found a website- that has a whole lot of apps for writers. You can put them on your i phone or android or whatever device suits you best. I was particularly intrigued by an app that dealt with creating characters.


The price is $2.99. Here’s what they have to say about it.

“Writing.Com presents “Character Prompts”, an exciting twist on traditional writing prompts… Put billions of unique character profiles in the palm of your hand! Character Prompts gives you 19 different profile characteristics filled with randomly generated information. We take the process of character development to the next level by adding thousands of character twists and 150 thought provoking questions for your character.”

PS. I bought it and it looks like a fun brainstorming tool and it made me think about characters I would never have created!


4 Responses to Link Of The Week- I Am The Puppeteer

  1. lorettawheeler says:

    Well now…brainstorming via an app. I like the whole concept. I especially like the idea of having questions asked of the character that otherwise might never be answered 🙂 Great idea! I’m heading to the app store! 🙂 Lo


    • Hello beautiful southern gal!
      I was so intrigued by the whole idea so Jenn and I spent 30 minutes today playing with the site and coming up with some of the coolest characters right down to how much they made in their chosen profession! This link is going to get me out of many writing jams.


  2. jbrayweber says:

    This. Is. So. Cool!!!! Thanks for finding this gem, Stacey!


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