Hump Day Kick Start – Bathroom Humor Edition

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.

ewan jude

I apologize in advance if this prompt offends anyone. But I simply couldn’t resist. I went into a fit of giggles over the whimsy when I saw this photo. These two (Ewan and Jude, in case you were wondering) have a comical chemistry that makes me smile, laugh, and sigh. *sigh*

So folks, here’s your chance. What is going on in today’s prompt? Are they an Odd Couple like Felix and Oscar—anal-retentive and clean vs. way too casual? Are they brothers, and one is forced to stay with the other after his girlfriend kicked him out?  Who just walked in the door? The woman they both love? The beautiful and brash female partner they share a dangerous undercover assignment with? The cleaning lady?

I’d love to hear your take. Or simply “caption this” photo.

12 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Bathroom Humor Edition

  1. jeff7salter says:

    Recent roommates, Bert & Ernie, are still getting used to each other. So when Ernie barged in and sat on the john, Bert (in the tub) was understandably distressed.
    “Dude,” said Bert, “what the hell are you doing? I’m trying to bathe in here!”
    Ernie continued with his business. “I thought you said I could take a dump whenever I wanted.”
    “No,” said Bert, as the smell overpowered his coffee, “I said you could HUMP whoever you wanted.”


  2. jbrayweber says:

    HAHA! Bert and Ernie. Too funny, Jeff! Hump, dump, its all the same to Ernie.


  3. jeff7salter says:

    yep — all the same.


  4. Jude barges in with todays paper and drops trou proceeding to blow up the single bathroom he shares with his new roommate.
    “Aw, bloody hell. We’re mates and all, but we’re not that damn chummy. There’s a bold line you simply don’t cross. Have some class. No shitting while I’m sudsing.”
    Jude studies his paper, ignoring his naked friend. “This isn’t Hollywood, it’s London, Sir Diva, and you’re taking too bloody long conditioning your luscious locks. This turd waits for no one, I don’t care if you were Darth Vader.”
    “Obi Wan, you idiot. Darth only wishes he was that cool. Besides, at least I still have plenty of luscious locks to condition.” Ewan takes a sip and smacks his lips in disgust. “Honestly, my tea tastes terrible. What the hell did you eat?”
    Jude smirks with a raised brow, “The leggy red head from the Red Tavern.”
    Ewan blinks, “So why the hell are you in here with me?”
    “I can’t exactly have her smelling this, now can I?”
    “No, you left that great pleasure for me. Thanks a lot. The real boogey man, raw and uncut. She’d have nightmares for weeks.”
    “No, mate. After last night she’ll have sweet dreams for years.”


  5. jbrayweber says:

    This. This is perfect, Judy! Oh jeez, I laughed so hard, I may have pulled a muscle. Pure gold!


  6. Marie says:

    Bodacious Veronica Day staggered into the cabin. After a long boat ride on the Amazon River she was ready for a nice hot bath. After stripping off her clothes, she grabbed a towel. She rubbed her gritty eyes and blinded herself with insect repellant.
    Staggering into bathroom, she reached for the faucet and began running the water for her soothing bath, but she was not prepared for the hard muscled arm that swiped across her waist.
    Randolph had a steady hold on her as she yelped and tried to break away.
    “Is that you, Veronica?” another voice asked.
    ‘Is that you Tyrone? What are two doing here.?”
    “Why we’re to finish shooting the movie “Lust Along the Amazon.”
    “If you had read the script, Randolph. you would have expected my arrival” Veronica exclaimed.
    “I need a bath to rid myself of the bug remnants and the gritty sand on the banks of the river.”
    “Come in, the water’s fine” said Randolph.”
    “Excuse me”, Tyrone said.” Two’s company, three’s a crowd. And as usual, Veronica, you caught me with my pants down.”
    “Don’t make seem like a bossy witch, but I expect you two to vacate the bathroom now.”
    Veronica reluctantly averted her eyes as her two co-stars left the room.
    “More’s the pity” Randolph chuckled.
    “See you later” they all said in unison.
    Tyrone said, ” I see a sequel to this movie. “More Lust Along the Amazon.”
    “Ya,” Randolph snorted. “I can hardly wait to meet up again with Bodacious Veronica!


  7. jbrayweber says:

    Ooh…Lust Along the Amazon with those two? I’m in! Nice, Marie. 🙂


  8. While all the suggestions so far are terrific, I think the winner has to go to Judy McDonough!!! I do have to say Bert and Ernie and “Lust Along the Amazon” cracked me up as well.


  9. jbrayweber says:

    Got to agree with you, Stacey.


  10. Why, thank you, Stacey! *blushes*


  11. Marie says:

    Thanks, Jennifer and Stacey. Your prompts make this fun.


  12. Thanks, Jenn! That was a nice break, and always a pleasure to look at Jude Law. . .even if he is dropping a load. 😉


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