Friday Fun Facts- The Fine Art Of Torture

We are a creative lot. That gift extends to ways of torturing unfortunate individuals- and some of them are a doozy!

1. The Tub- A person was forced to sit in a tub of water with only his head exposed. Their face was then covered in milk and honey so flies would swarm their skin and begin to feed. These people would also be fed on a regular basis so they’d end up sitting in their own excrement. Maggots and worms would devour their bodies while they decayed alive.A+wooden+tub+_2a42ecbce969e7c71e558e7e47d71c59

2. Impalement- Vlad The Impaler was a real fan of this method. (Go figure.) The recipient of this treat was forced to sit on a thick, sharpened to a point, pole. The pole was raised and the victim was left to slide down the pole as his weight and gravity did their trick. Vlad was rumored to have done this to 20,000 people while enjoying a meals as they screamed their way to death.impalement-of-waldenses-granger

3. The Brazen Bull- Whoa! Here’s one I was not familiar with! A large brass bull was fashioned out of brass. It was entirely hollow from the mouth, down the throat and into the stomach. A person would be bound and placed into the stomach of the bull with a fire burning right below and the door to the stomach shut. As the human would slowly roast alive inside the bull his screams would shoot out the bull’s mouth and sound like he was bellowing.

4. The Lead Sprinkler- This toy is much like a metal stick with a ball on the end. The ball has several holes punched into it to allow the molten silver or some other metal to “sprinkle” out. The molten balls of torture are shaken onto the victim, burning tender flesh to the bone. As a final move, the torturer would pour the liquid silver into their eyes bringing agonizing pain, blindness, and an eventual death.ww_sprinkcard1

5. Rat Torture- This technique was popular with all the fashionable torture houses in medieval times. A person would be strapped to a table and immobilised. A large glass cage would be set upon their stomach with the bottom open to their skin. Large rats would be placed inside. On the top of the cage, large burning embers would be placed so the rats could feel the extreme heat. Their natural inclination would be to get away from the perceived danger so they would begin burrowing down into our person’s stomach. It was a slow and horrendously painful way to die. For sport, they would sometimes remove the heat so the rats would calm down and then put fresh coals back on to terrify the animals.r5U9b35

5 Responses to Friday Fun Facts- The Fine Art Of Torture

  1. jbrayweber says:

    All pretty terrifying ways to die. I wonder why people felt the need to be so torturous. Where was the humanity? Rhetorical question.


  2. When we were in France we went to a museum that showed the different torture devices used during the reformation. The most brutal ones were for women. Shared.


  3. I’ve heard of a few of them. I just listened to the description of how a traitor was killed. Hanging until nearly dead, then drawn and quartered. Not going to go into details. *shudder*


  4. jeff7salter says:

    There’s an element of torture I’ve never understood. Presumably at least part of the practice was to subjugate the other people through the fear that if they looked cross-eyed at the wrong person, THEY’d end up in the chamber.
    And I imagine it was quite effective in that regard.
    But for the pitiful wretches who were already IN the torture chamber, I don’t see where the people in power gained anything by drawing out their punishment (and eventual death in most cases).
    I seems to have been mostly a pointless demonstration of power and cruelty. “we’ll make you suffer because we can.”
    I don’t see where the people in power actually GAINED anything from their horrific abuses.


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