Hump Day Kick Start – No, We Are Not Lost Edition

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.



I regret to inform you this will be the last installment of Hump Day Kick Start. I know, I know…it’s saddens me, too. But my super secret stash of awesome photo prompts has been depleted. The well has run dry. Pffth…like that would ever happen. Happy April Fool’s Day, yo!

Now back to your regularly scheduled Hump Day prompt.

Who is our couple? Siblings, and while Jeb is screwing around getting them lost, she’s wondering when her knight in shining armor would show up and sweep her away from their backwater town? Maybe these two were high school sweethearts and she’s decided their relationship has far run its course, like the beater he still drives. Are they lovers running from the law/her dad/a serial killer and they’ve pulled over to find the next town which to hide in? If so, why are they running? Did he run out of gas—again—and determining how far away they’d have to walk? I bet she’s cursing him for not installing that GPS she got him for his birthday.

Love to hear your take. Or simply “caption this” photo.

2 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – No, We Are Not Lost Edition

  1. jeff7salter says:

    Last one?
    Say it ain’t so, Jenn.

    Well, about this one — shazzam … CUTE girl.

    Here’s Linda’s story:

    When Rupert asked Linda to go with him to the picnic at the lake, she was delighted. She liked Rupert well enough, and he was certainly easy on her eyes, but he had a stubborn streak.

    The second thing she said, after agreeing to go with him, was: “do you know the way there?”
    “Sure,” he insisted. “It’s north.”
    “But have you ever been there?”
    “Not yet, but I know it’s cool, because my buddy went there.”
    Linda dropped the subject.
    Rupert picked her up and they headed north.
    After about an hour, she turned to him. “Shouldn’t we be there by now?”
    He looked about the amazingly bland landscape — as nondescript as a fog bank — and said, “It’s probably up just a ways.”
    “So you never got directions, did you?”
    “Sure I did. It’s north of town. We’re heading north.” He looked over his shoulder. “At least we were. This fog kinda has me turned around.”
    “Speaking of turned around,” said Linda. “That’s what you ought to do. We passed a store about half an hour ago. We can get directions to the lake from them.”
    “We don’t need no stinkin’ directions,” asserted Rupert. It’s north.”
    He pulled out his 20-yr-map and showed her the top of the page. “See? North.”
    Linda just rolled her eyes. It would be a long day and they’d never get within 50 miles of the lake.


    • jbrayweber says:

      Wow. He better have a damn good spread complete with a bottle of champagne. Otherwise poor Rupert will have lost more than just his way.
      Another wonderful tale, Jeff.


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