Friday Fun Facts- Tattoos

I want to get a tattoo. My husband is not so keen on the idea. There’s a lot of cool facts about this popular art. How much do you know?


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– Tattoos have been present since the Stone Age and appear in almost every culture across the world.

– It was illegal to get a tattoo in New York City between 1967 to 1997. Believe it or not! This was due to hepatitis hysteria in the 1960s. In Massachusetts, it was still banned as recent as 2000. You could even go to jail.

– Anesthesiologists don’t really like “tramp stamps”. If they have to administer an epidural, there’s a small chance that ink fragments might enter the spinal cord. MRI technicians have reported some folks with tattoos containing iron oxide, will burn during an MRI.

This is unfortunate.

This is unfortunate.

– Black henna temporary tattoos are not so great. P-phenylenediamine (PPD), an ingredient in black henna, has been known to cause terrible reactions, horrible scarring and leukemia. Please be careful and make sure your artist does NOT use henna with synthetic materials in it!!!!

– The symbol for Macy’s comes from a tattoo. The owner, R.H. Macy, used to work on whaling boats and got a star tattoo on his forearm. That star went on to become the symbol for his multi billion dollar business.

– People will use their bodies as walking ads. One company offered its employees a 15% raise if they tattooed the logo on their body. It was a popular offer! I even found a photo of a guy who inked McDonald’s arches across his back!

This guy put a whole receipt on his arm?!?!?

This guy put a whole receipt on his arm?!?!?

–  A lot of ink is made from bone char of animals and sometimes the resin of shellac beetles.

– The Yakuza, an organized crime family in Japan, will often have full body tattoos called irezumi. It is done in a traditional manner by hand with a single needle. It is painful, time consuming and very expensive.

– Prison tats are forbidden, but they happen all the time. Creativity abounds when using makeshift items. Everything from ballpoint pens to paper clips to guitar strings have been confiscated. Those tattoos are often a type of Morse code indicating gang membership, crimes committed and even religious affiliation.

– Many companies offer cosmetic tattoos. Don’t want to apply eye liner or darken your eyebrows with a pencil? Get them tattooed! Just be careful because they do need touch ups every few years and you can’t change your look afterwards. It might be OK to laser off a tat on your leg…quite different trying to laser off items on your eye!

– According to a survey, more women than men have

– Plato thought that people who committed sacrilege should be tattooed forcibly.

– Tattoo is one of the most misspelled words in the English language.

– American spend…wait for it….$1.65 BILLION dollars on tattoos every year!

– The most tattooed person has 100% of their body covered.

– Confucius, a Chinese philosopher, was against tattoos. He said that the human body was a gift and should not be altered.

I think I agree in this case.

I think I agree in this case.



6 Responses to Friday Fun Facts- Tattoos

  1. Lola Karns says:

    Those 3-D tattoos give me the creeps even though I have to admire the artistry. I’ve flirted with a tattoo for a long time. At some point the life long commitment won’t seem so daunting! Love this post.


  2. jbrayweber says:

    You know I love tattoos. They are addictive! Looking forward to my next one. Maybe I can talk your hubby into letting you get one with me…


  3. jeff7salter says:

    I kind of like seeing a single, well-placed tattoo on a female body… but I find the wild, garish, maximum coverage to be beyond my interest or taste.
    As for myself — never liked pain, of any type, and don’t want anything on my body that I can’t erase or wash off.


  4. I like the one or two very specific tats as well. Once there’s more, it looks messy and odd to me.


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