Friday Fun Facts- Holy Windstorm Batman!

I woke this morning only to have my hot cup of tea interrupted by an event known as a micro-burst. It’s like a five-minute hurricane and can do immense damage. We lost our entire back fence plus two trees. Sigh. This comes on the heels of having our roof, gutters, and window screens declared a total loss due to hail. **When it rains, it pours and Houston has gotten the pouring!

– They are sudden blasts of wind that have been measured up to 160 mph.

– It is a down burst of air caused by warm and cooler airs coming together in a storm.

– It was a micro-burst that brought down Eastern Airlines 727 flight. They were 2400 ft. from the runway when they were hit. Out of 124 passengers, 113 died.

– It is different from a tornado. Tornadoes draw air into a thunderstorm and a micro-burst is an expulsion.

– They are more common than tornadoes. For every tornado, there are 10 reports of damage from a micro.

That’s it for today, folks. I have an insurance adjuster on the way over.500px-Microburstcrosssection

8 Responses to Friday Fun Facts- Holy Windstorm Batman!

  1. Oh goodness gracious. Hope everyone is okay.


  2. Thanks, Tracy. All are safe! My pocketbook, on the other hand, is smarting a bit!!!


  3. jbrayweber says:

    Great facts. Not so great after effects.


  4. I agree with you!


  5. Will Graham says:

    160 MPH?????

    I learned with Ike, anything over 35mph will knock a man my size off his feet; I’m 6’1.5 and weigh 235. Winds that like, I could fly like Superman…. but I bet the landing would be rough.

    I’m just happy no one was hurt!


  6. Me too! I had no idea they could have that much power.


  7. Ann Purcell says:

    Dear Heaven! I had so hoped that you would get out of this disaster unscathed! My heart is with you!!!!


  8. Thanks for the kind words!


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