Friday Fun Facts- Burn Baby Burn

It’s deadly.

It’s fascinating.

We’re talking about fire.Firerob

– In Iraq there is a natural gas vent called The Eternal Fire. It has been documented as burning continuously for over 4,000 years. It’s even mentioned in the Old Testament! (There’s a book in this- I just know it.)

– No one knows who invented the fire hydrant…the patent was destroyed…in a fire.

– In 2004, over 300 people died in a terrible fire. It was in a grocery store in Paraguay where the owner closed and locked all the doors because he was afraid people would leave without paying.

– There is a bush you can set on fire and it will burn without burning the bush itself. It’s called Dictamnus Albus and it secretes a flammable, oily substance which can be set on fire and not harm the bush. (If that doesn’t give any suspense writers out there some ideas, I don’t know what would!)

– In WWII, Japan actually sent 9000 “fire balloons” towards North America. 1000 of them actually hit land and killed 6 people.

– Firehouses put in spiral staircases because the horses learned to walk up the straight ones.

– If all things are stable, a house fire will double in size every minute.

– Fire makes water. If you put a cold spoon over a flame, you can see water condensate on the metal.

– The first organized fire department was set up in Boston in 1679.

– A backdraft is real. When all the oxygen in a room is sucked up by the fire, heat builds up, and as soon as a door or a window is opened, the fire gorges itself on fresh fuel. BOOM!

– The smoke can be so thick in your house that within 4 minutes you are in blackout conditions.

– 90% of all wildfires are started by humans!

– Crown fires are moved quickly through the tops of trees by strong gusts of wind. They are very dangerous because they burn super hot, move quickly, and can change direction suddenly!

– fire-flames-yellow-orange

3 Responses to Friday Fun Facts- Burn Baby Burn

  1. jbrayweber says:

    Fascinating! Thanks, Stacey! Really great information.


  2. You’re so welcome!


  3. Will Graham says:

    This is just a *little* scary…..


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