Friday Fun Facts- The Big Meow

You’ve seen them all over Facebook. You’ve seen them all over YouTube. Cats are everywhere!

We seem to have become a people obsessed with these animals. Yet, do we really know anything about them?caturday_cat_memes_04

  • Water water and not a drink to be had. This old saying refers to being out to sea without any fresh water. Did you know that cats can drink seawater in order to survive? Their kidneys are efficient enough to pull out the salt and let the water hydrate their bodies in times of drought.
  • Feral cats have been blamed for the extinction of 33 species. (Mostly on islands)
  • When a cat gets declawed, what really happens is that their toes are amputated up to the first knuckle. It’s intensely painful for the animal.
  • They instinctively don’t want to drink from a water bowl placed next to their food bowl. Even though they have been domesticated, they are hunters at heart and would never drink at a watering hole near a fresh kill because it might have contaminated the water.
  • Cats sleep 70% of their lives. That’s about 16 hours a day. They sleep more than any other mammal including bats and opossumscat-meme-cute
  • Disney owns more than 200 feral cats. By day they are housed in feeding stations around the park. At night, the release! In 1955, a large number were found when they renovated the Castle and they were covered in fleas etc. Now they are neutered, given shots, and fleas are all but gone.
  • Black cats will usually have a spot or two of white on them. The Middle Age persecution found the solid black cats being burned alive because of their association with witchcraft and other demonic activities. The church had acted as a natural selection mechanism in a most brutal way.
  • The death rate from cats falling 2-6 stories is much higher than those falling from 7-32 stories! How can this be? Cats have a keen sense of direction so can right themselves in order to land on their feet. They will also flex them allowing the absorption of the impact and not break their legs. They will also position themselves in an “umbrella” fashion as they fall which will decelerate the fall with more time. **Don’t try this at home with your kitty. I’m merely reporting weird facts I find on the internet.**corner-cat-meme

4 Responses to Friday Fun Facts- The Big Meow

  1. jbrayweber says:

    Speaking as a cat lover, these are very interesting facts!


  2. My two at home have done some strange things. They do drink out of the bowl next to the food, but love to try and steal the water out of my cup. The little one (he’s almost 4 so not so little anymore) brings all of his squeaky mice to sit next the food bowl. Don’t know why and have only caught him in the act once.


    • Because they have been domesticated, cats do overcome this need to keep water and food separate. My cat, he adopted me-I certainly did not adopt him, has only just now started drinking from his water dish and he’s been coming around for 3 yrs!
      Maybe your cat is lonesome when he eats and brings his little friends, err captives, to sit with him while he dines?!?!?


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