Bonus Link Of The Week- Pace Yourself!

Running on our Back-To-School link this week, we thought we’d bring a link to a phenomenal workshop being offered on pacing. This is a crucial element to great writing. You lose the pacing, you lose the readers! It’s as simple as that.



***DEADLINE – August 14, 2015.  PILOT class begins online, Saturday, August 15, 2015. (More details here.)




for a limited time…


the PILOT will be open to a small group, at $100’s off the final pricetag.  This is your chance to learn what you really need to fix, after you’ve done everything right and still haven’t sold… or sold well enough.


For 15 pilot students, this will change everything.  The PILOT cost?  Only $47. 


This 8-week, advanced course is an all-new way to understand why your story succeeds or fails, and exactly how to fix it.


This isn’t your mama’s pacing.

         In fact, it’s not what you’ve been taught before, at all.


It cuts across every technique you’ve already mastered.  And it requires a new roadmap.


While all the other craft-of-fiction techniques (plot, character, setting, theme, dialogue, etc.) are about what YOU, the writer, want to create (and how to pull it off), pacing is about how driven the READER feels to keep reading.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we knew how to assess pacing, this thing that really exists only in someone else’s head, and we knew how to kick its butt?


If pacing is the reader’s reaction to your story, you can’t be asking what the questions you normally ask as a writer (like what you want to create).  Quite simply, you have to ask waaay different questions. And you have to think with a different “brain.”


The Genius Pacing Academy gives you an easy (but deep) framework for evaluating what matters to the reader and what YOU need to put on the page.


All this comes together in The Genius Pacing Academy framework.   Using the framework as a guide, you’ll decode both what you do (words on the page) and what the reader does (your story experienced as her/his virtual reality).


Exactly what’s in The Genius Pacing Academy Framework?


* 10 page-level lenses for every single scene (and every single page) you ever write.


* 3 large-scale, story-level pacing “jobs” that work for every genre and every story-form (novel, short story, even scripts).


The pacing framework takes the unknowable and turns it into a deep, powerful skillset you’ll use every time you write, brainstorm, critique, and revise.


For 15 pilot students, this will change everything.  The cost?  Only $47.  SIGN UP NOW to be one of the pilot students.  Together, we’ll revolutionize the power of your writing.  Your readers will thank you.


GO HERE. (Your secrect code is MUSE.)


Questions? I’m here to help.  Diane Holmes


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