Link of the Week – Dumb Laws

Here is a gem for you. Did you know it is illegal to sell your eye in Texas? Or to drink more than 3 sips of beer while standing? How about not being able to shoot a buffalo from the second story of a hotel? Or that it is a felony—a FELONY—to own more than six dildos? (I hear orange is the new black.)hammer-719066_640

It Galveston, you must get permission from Parks and Recreation to get drunk in any city park. No obnoxious smells can be emitted in an elevator in Port Arthur. No flirting or responding to flirting using eyes and/or hands in San Antonio (guess other body parts is okay…). No riding horses at night without tail lights in Texarkana. The sale of Limburger cheese is not permitted on Sundays in Houston. And you better not carry wire cutters in your pocket in Austin, for Pete’s sake!

See what idiotic laws there are in your state or country.


4 Responses to Link of the Week – Dumb Laws

  1. Will Graham says:

    Some of these Blue Laws stunned me when I first moved here. I hit a hardware store one Sunday…. I could by a screwdriver, but not screws. I could buy nails, but not a hammer. Very very odd….


  2. jbrayweber says:

    What’s sad is that there had to be a specific reason or crime to have spurred lawmakers to make such laws.


  3. Well, guess there’s no Limburger cheese this weekend at the Purcell household! Sheesh! What were the lawmakers thinking?? Great research link!


  4. jbrayweber says:

    Better stock up, Stacey. I’m coming over on Sunday and want to be served Limburger. 😉


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