Hump Day Kick Start – Back Alley Edition

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.



Now, I wouldn’t mind running into him in a dark alley.

This delightfully delicious specimen was my visual inspiration for the pirate hero, Captain Valeryn Barone, in my upcoming release DEAD MAN’S KISS which is available for pre-order now. (See what I did there?) I just had to feature him on Hump Day Kick Start.

But today, he’ll be your inspiration for your prompt. Who is he? What is he doing? Where is he going? Is he the famous lead singer for a rock band finding his way to the back entrance of the club his band will perform at later that evening? A metro soul-stealing incubus heading out for his next victim? An undercover officer à la Miami Vice meeting up with an untouchable, drug-trafficking nightclub owner? Is he simply taking a shortcut to my house, er, I mean, to a street party?

What’s your take? Or caption the photo. Let me hear from you.


7 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Back Alley Edition

  1. jeff7salter says:

    Michelle had just stepped from the nightclub when the aggressive panhandler grabbed her arm and demanded five dollars.
    “I don’t have any cash,” said Michelle, as she tried to wrestle herself loose.
    Just then a guy she’d seen in the club appeared in the dark alley.
    “Is he bothering you, Ma’am?”
    The panhandler didn’t wait for Michelle’s reply — he just ambled away.
    Michelle rubbed her arm where it still hurt from being accosted.
    “Are you all right, Ma’am?” he asked.
    “Yeah, I guess. Uh, Thanks.” Then she eyed him carefully. “Aren’t you in the band?” She pointed toward the rear door to the club.
    He nodded.
    “Drummer.” then he extended his calloused hand. “Rick Lanyard.”
    “Well, Michelle, you ought not to hang around dark alleys at night in this city. Could be dangerous.”
    “I was only seven feet from the door. I thought it was safe enough.”
    “Anyhow, you ought to get back inside,” he said.
    When she turned to take a step, her ankle folded. “OW!”
    “What happened?”
    “It twisted when that guy grabbed me. And I finally tried to put my weight on it.”
    “Let me help you inside,” said Rick, as he circled a strong arm around her waist. “We’ll get you comfortable and we can talk after my next set.”
    Michelle smiled.


  2. jbrayweber says:

    Ah-HA! This guys is so flippin’ hot, even YOU couldn’t make him out to be a dweeb. He even has a halfway decent name. Thanks, Jeff. *smiles wide* Thanks.


  3. jeff7salter says:

    when I started out, I was going to make him the aggressive panhandler, but I didn’t figure you would sit still for that…


  4. jeff7salter says:

    somebody needs to locate Sarah — we’ve been missing her stories


  5. jbrayweber says:

    My sentiments exactly, Tracy. *dabs drool from corner of lip*


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