Hump Day Kick Start – My Life, My Way Edition

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.

my life my way


Hoo boy. So much hotness.

Tell about today’s prompt. Who is he? Undercover cop? Mercenary? Navy SEAL? Zombie hunter? What is he doing? Getting ready to leave on a mission? Just returning? Stripping for a shower? Is he debating on what to do with the sexy prisoner/partner/witness in the room with him? What do his tattoos signify? What does “My Life My Way” mean to him? Why did he get it? I see a pirate ship on his right bicep. Does that imply it’s a pirate’s life for him? Take all that he may and leave nothing behind? And, please, please someone tell me why he’s biting his lower lip. *sigh*

Tell me your take or caption the photo. I’d love to hear from you.

13 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – My Life, My Way Edition

  1. RUTH KENJURA says:

    Okay, here is my shot at what is going on:

    Stopping and Angel of Death, now that’s a quandary if ever there was one.
    It has to be done. Doesn’t it?
    Why? So she’d take a life before judgment is rendered, he’s still guilty. Still deserves to die.
    But why me? Why do I have to take her down?
    As if that answer wasn’t just tattooed on his chest. Because he flaunts the rules.
    Because he crossed the line.
    Because he…
    Just how does one take out an Angel of Death? Who the hell thinks up these f’d up plans.
    And again—why? To what end?
    She’s already dead. Ending her. Condemning her. Sending her to the shadows, how is that justice?
    She’s hot. Really hot. And killing her/ending her existence. Ahh, it pains me. But it’s not really a choice, I either stop her, kill her or be sent to the shadows for disobedience.
    Maybe I could just convert her? But convert her to what? And how? Just how in the hell do you convert a minion of Death? Vengeance drives her. Hate feeds her and Revenge satisfies her.
    Find her softer side.
    Is there a softer side? She has to have one.
    I’ve seen her at her sister’s bedside, praying, pleading, begging her to wake up.
    And I felt her hate, her need for retribution; it’s like an F-5 tornado spinning around her. If she finds the man who did this, who harmed her sister and she takes his life, she will be lost.
    Taking the life in the name of justice for the lives of the innocents was one thing, but taking a life before judgment- it condemns her to the shadows.
    So how was he going to get her to give up vengeance and believe in forgiveness, replace her hate with love, and let go of the need for retribution and replace it with compassion.
    In essence, how was he going to get an Angel of Death to choose to love?


  2. jbrayweber says:

    Now there’s a story. He’s bound by duty and torn by compassion. Love it, Ruth.


  3. Will Graham says:

    “What, I’m supposed to be impressed? Did you bring my Black and White Cookies, you idiot? Get OUT of my sight and don’t come back until you have at least a baker’s dozen… and they BETTER be fresh….”

    So sayeth The Pistol…..


  4. jbrayweber says:

    She might not be impressed, but I am. 😉
    That Pistol, always getting what she wants.


  5. RUTH KENJURA says:

    Ahh Will, I just knew you were going to work Ole Blue Eyes into this one, with his “I did it my way” in comparison to the Tattoo. And if I were you, I think I would have a few back up cases (maybe 5 or 6 cases) of Black and White cookies. Sounds like The Pistol is quite demanding.


  6. jbrayweber says:

    In Will’s defense, the Pistol, she does demand attention. Even Ole Blue Eyes would bow to her.


  7. Sarah Andre says:

    Jared Wagner is know as Pitbull to his SEAL Team 6 squad buds. He was the first of the three in the unit to have shot a Somali pirate right between the eyes when they were holding Captain Phillips hostage in 2008. He commemorated the event by tattooing the pirate ship on his right bicep. Of course it was the old fashioned, romantic, Pirates-of-the Caribbean ship- not the actual rickety, old boat the Somail’s used…but that’s cuz a tatt is forever. Why not make it look grand?

    Anyway- he’s been gone for ten months, mission after mission- each one earns a tatt, (ex., you can see he went after the DeBeers blood diamond cartel on his chest above the Navy insignia.) You also see the heart with the ribbon-caption blank above MY LIFE MY WAY. He’s saving it for the woman who’ll become his wife one day. And he just returned home to Fairfax, VA tonight on a two week leave to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

    Narrowly escaping beheading by Isis has not struck the kind of fear in him as tonight does. What if she says no? I mean he’s a loose cannon, always gone, dangerous missions he can’t talk about. There’ve been whispers of PTSD, which he adamantly denies…
    Whatever. He’s terrified now. So far she’s been his dream girl. Always accepting his silence and secrecy. Offering astonishingly creative, mind numbing sex to take his thoughts far away from all his stressful missions. But what if once they’re married she gets all possessive? Wants him to be a CPA or something? He’s made of steel. Nothing causes him a nanosecond of nervousness. Except maybe a life as a CPA. Or her ‘changing’ once they marry. His tatt says MY LIFE MY WAY, damn it!

    She know of his arrival tonight, and said she has a surprise for him. Once he got into her dimly lighted apartment there were candles everywhere, rose petals on the floor (see, already she’s changing! He’s SEAL Team 6, goddamn it. What’s he supposed to do with rose petals?!)
    A note on the rug suggests he strip and come to the bedroom. OK. Things are looking up again. He does as the notes suggests, but can’t make himself take off the gun harness…it’s a man thing. And who knows- ISIS could be in there, setting this whole situation up to get him weaponless. If not, she’ll get a kick out of him arriving holstered.

    As he opens the door he hears a bunch of sultry voices yell, “surprise!!”
    Oh crap…a surprise party? He nudges the door fully open. Nope. Not technically a surprise party. It’s Sherry and four of her bffs. All nude and kneeling on the bed with welcome-home-sailor smiles. WTF?

    “Figured you’d need extra help debriefing from the last mission, babe.” Sherry waves to her beautiful and very willing friends. “I don’t think you’ll need the leather holster.” She crooks a finger. “What’s taking so long?”

    Oh yeah, her name is filling the ribbon waving across the tatted heart! But as Jared…aka Pitbull, who’s seen so much horror, and stepped up with so much bravery every time, walks into the room, his shock at this erotic, every-man’s dream turns to…bashful insecurity. There are 5 spectacularly hot women here. The way he figures it…he’s got 2 hands, a mouth and his junk. That leaves one girl out of all the fun. As a SEAL and a man, this won’t do. What’s his plan, damn it? THINK!
    He walks into the room and bites his lip.


  8. jbrayweber says:

    Whoa! This is one of your more erotic tales, Sarah. Of course, I love it! So naughty…


  9. jeff7salter says:

    Hmm. Okay, this one’s not very easy. It’d be much better if you’d show me his SISTER. Oh well, here’s Harold’s story:
    Laurine, the waitress he’d just met that evening (who’d just gotten off duty and taken him home) decided she needed to carefully and slowly investigate the tattooed body of this troubled military vet.
    “So I see you were airborne,” she said, lightly tracing her fingertips across the largest tattoo.
    Harold nodded.
    “Those eagles make sense,” she said, as her fingertips traced them, “and so do these on your shoulders. But what’s up with the roses and the heart?”
    “I’d have to know you better to explain those,” he said, somewhat impatiently.
    Laurine took the measure of his defined ab muscles. “I wonder what you’re hiding down here below these drawers?”
    He smiled. “Oh, that’s my dragon.”


  10. jbrayweber says:

    HAHA! I do love the double entendres. You are so saucy, Jeff.


  11. jeff7salter says:

    heh heh heh


  12. pibarrington says:

    Late today so here’s a short:

    I watched him tug off his shirt down to his grenade holster and smiled when I saw it. Any guy who had enough muscles to hide one that easily had a definite edge with me regardless I was in his cuffs. I knew enough about explosives to know the type of grenade, its contents and damage capacity and, if I guessed, its model number. Lucky for him he was fast enough to disarm himself before cutting me loose. I waited for him to join me in the shower until I saw it, glowing blue in the dark that lit up his face. Damn. I should have guessed his comlink would come alive between us. The only thing I could never guess was him biting his lip as he wrestled with the decision to answer it.

    Hey, it’s the best I can do since I came home from the hospital.


  13. jbrayweber says:

    Wonderful! I love it! Great use of why he’s biting his lip.


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