Friday Fun Facts- Boo! I’m A Ghost

‘Tis the season! The season of strange and unusual things happening all around us. Ghost stories are as old as time so let’s see if we can learn something new.ghosts

  1. When we die, we sometimes refer to it as an eternal sleep- not so much with ghosts. They are not sleeping and roam constantly, especially is they’re seeking justice for an untimely death.
  2. Spirits have absolutely no sense of time.
  3. Ghosts are more active during the nighttime hours. Some folks think it’s because there is less electronic interference at night than during the day. That way they can produce more energy to do things.
  4. Not all ghosts are “trapped”, many choose to stay in this realm for a variety of reasons.
  5. A lot of activity will center around children or young adults and that’s because they produce more energy than older people. The ghost, in turn, can absorb more of their “life force”.
  6. Ghosts may actually exist in a perpetual state of confusion. They have no idea what happened to them, where they are, or even what they should do. These are the ones that most often cause trouble.
  7. Spirits have been know to protect the families that they haunt.
  8. Sound of footsteps, smell (rose, sandalwood, pungent and rotten eggs) and knocks at the door are the most common symptoms of a haunted place.
  9. There are ghosts that are known as crowd demons. They are attracted to particular venues with a lot of people. They may be attracted to the noise, or a photographer’s flashes. These type of ghosts also appear in numbers and not as a singular apparition.
  10. “In a residual haunting, the apparition is on loop, doing the same things over and over again. They may even do these things at certain times, which explain why some hauntings seem to be triggered or heightened at specific times of the day. Well, a residual historical haunting is a regular residual, but amplified to the tenth degree, usually involving multiple apparitions and whole scenes out of history replaying itself. One of the most famous cases of a residual historical haunting is the “Versailles Time Slip.” This occurred in August of 1901, while Charlotte Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain were touring Versailles. They both experienced intense feelings, then they discover themselves walking among people dressed like they were in 18th century Paris. Everything seemed to turn unworldly at this point and Moberly even thought she witnessed Marie Antoinette, sitting on the grass, sketching. It was over as quickly as it started.” Listverse
  11. Spirits have a profound sense of smell and are attracted to certain scents.k

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