Friday Fun Facts- Death Penalty and Executions

Not exactly a fun facts, but some are kind of strange. Read on:

  1. The U. S. ranks fifth in the world on number of executions. We are behind China, Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.
  2. Recently in Papua New Guinea, a woman and her two daughters are on trial for sorcery with a penalty of death. (I thought we left this kind of stuff WAY BEHIND) Apparently, it’s not uncommon in the Pacific islands to have this sort of thing. The deaths are horrific.
  3. There is a downward trend in executions with only 21 countries practicing it in recent years.
  4. Hanging may seem to be simple. It’s not. If the drop is too long, it will end in a grisly decapitation. If not done right, it could result in a very prolonged agonizing death. One guy argued that he was too obese to hang because it would surely go wrong. He won and spent life behind bars dying in 2006.hanging-415x260
  5. Think the guillotine ended with the French Revolution? Think again. It was used extensively during the Nazi regime. France used it for almost 200 years after Marie Antoinette was decapitated- used as late as 1977!Guillotine
  6. China executes more than all the other countries combined. The exact number is unknown because they consider that a state secret. Traditionally, it was done by a firing squad, but now they use lethal injections. (It is thought that it’s because it’s cheaper and they can illegally harvest organs and put them on the black market.) Now, they even have death vans that will travel to rural sections of the country and perform the execution. Until 1977, you could be sentenced to death for killing a panda.
  7. In Uzbekistan, they literally boiled people to death as a means of execution. (That’s in recent times too!)Plunging-A-Woman-Into-Boiling-Water
  8. Death penalty trials are 20 times more expensive than a trial seeking life in prison.

4 Responses to Friday Fun Facts- Death Penalty and Executions

  1. jeff7salter says:

    wow — interesting stuff. A bit gruesome, but history is not all that pristine.
    I’m glad that, for the most part, the Medieval torture chambers aren’t as prevalent these days.


  2. I had a lot of other information, but it was kind of over-the-top icky!


  3. As horrifying as the subject is, it is always worthy of learning more about. Especially for those of us who are writers.


  4. That’s why we write about Friday Fun Facts! You never know where a kernel of information might help with a book. It’s also interesting to research and find tidbits every week. Glad you enjoyed it.


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