Hump Day Kick Start – Sold Edition

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.



I’ve been on my deathbed for more than a week. Ok, not really. But I have been very sick since last Hump Day. So today’s prompt seemed appropriate.

Was this person sold before or after they died? Who is doing the selling? Who is the buyer? And for what purpose? Science? Nefarious world/species domination? Just what kind of auction was it, anyway? Get those creative juices flowing.

Tell me a tale or caption the pic. I’ll just be over here hacking up a lung.


7 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Sold Edition

  1. jeff7salter says:

    Okay, here’s the story of this particular John Doe — one Reginald Darker.
    We learn the details through Ginn Brye-Wabber, the newspaper reporter interviewing the coroner.

    Ginn: so what happened here, Doc?
    Doc: Sad case… very sad.
    Ginn: car wreck? gunshot? bungee jump gone wrong?
    Doc: No, nothing that gruesome.
    Ginn: So what took this, uh, Reggie Darker guy from a full life to a cold slab in your morgue?
    Doc: Have a seat, Ginn. It’s all too common, actually.
    Ginn: must be some sort of insidious disease…
    Doc: Not even that bad.
    Ginn: Yet it was evidently fatal.
    Doc: True. Now sit down and let me explain.
    Ginn: Okay. I’m sitting.
    Doc: This Mr. Darker had a busy schedule. So when he began feeling bad, he just tried to shrug it off.
    Ginn: Lots of people do that…
    Doc: Sure… maybe for a day or two…
    Ginn: Sounds like Reggie shrugged too long.
    Doc: Exactly. Let me read the last note he was able to scrawl before his horrible demise. Uh, here it is: “After 6 days of soldiering through being sick, I finally went to a doctor. ‘Extreme’ sinus infection. Go big or go home, right?”
    Ginn [gasps]: You mean he went an entire six days before seeking medical attention?
    Doc: Unfortunately, yes.
    Ginn: But I thought the absolute limit was…
    Doc: Correct. Three days. Anytime a patient comes to me after waiting longer than three days to seek treatment, I figure his (or her) chances for survival have already dropped to 49%.
    Ginn: What about after SIX days?
    Doc [shaking his head sadly]: 13 % or less. In Mr. Darker’s case, considerably less.


  2. rekenjura says:

    Okay, this is as good as I can get today.

    She watched as the gavel fell to the block and the auctioneer called out “Sold.” His assistant pranced over to the body, his shoes clicking against the stage. Buyers packed the room, all wanting the body of a human. The younger the body, the higher the price, and the longer the time on earth.
    Ashley pulled the hood lower, only a small portion of her face showed, and she had it painted green and completed her demonic look with the gold contacts. Going undercover in the Nether realm was like walking a tight rope across the Grand Canyon without a net. And the reason she was hanging out with all the G & D’s (ghouls and demons) , a new group of body traffickers weren’t content to take the recently departed, nope, they decided to help death along and killed the young, healthy specimens. Greed was such a driving force. And their action was about to drive the truce between Heaven and Hell right over the edge.
    Now she was skulking around trying to find anyone that belonged to the new combine, but so far, she had zip, nada, a big ole goose egg worth of information.
    Her new assignment has sent her to hell, truly she was as close to the fire and brimstone territory without dying that one could be and not be dead. And why? Because of the jerk wad boss she had decided she needed to learn a lesson. Those that stepped outside his narrow little box were deemed unfit and deserved punishment. Well, she would show him. She’d find those little demonic perps and wipe the floor with them.


  3. Janey Mack says:

    Healthy male ready for organ harvesting. Feet mildly dirty from escape attempt.


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