Link of the Week – Goodreads Ebook Giveaways

Authors, in case you missed the news, Goodreads had added a new way to offer giveaways. Up until now, Goodreads only allowed print book giveaways. It was a nice way to get some discoverability toward you and your books. Now they’re introducing Kindle ebook giveaways. It’s a beta program currently for US residents only.goodreads

Here’s how it works: The author or publisher of a book – whoever controls the digital distribution rights to the book – can now offer up to 100 copies of the Kindle ebook in a giveaway. The author or publisher chooses how long the giveaway will run, and Goodreads does the rest. At the end of the giveaway, Goodreads randomly chooses winners and automatically sends the Kindle ebooks to their preferred devices and Cloud accounts. Winners receive real Kindle ebooks, complete with all the great features and security that Amazon’s Kindle platform provides.

Sounds pretty cool. Ah, but not everything that is shiny is gold. There is a cost involved.

Read all about it on the Goodreads blog. But don’t stop there. Read some of the comments, too. You decide if the program would work for you.

4 Responses to Link of the Week – Goodreads Ebook Giveaways

  1. Loretta says:

    Interesting information. I’ll have a read of all the fine print after my second cup of joe. I have a feeling it’s going to be a two cup kind of read! 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Read through this and nearly choked on the price tag. Perused the comments as well and many valid points are made for both pro and con. What do you think, Jenn???


    • jbrayweber says:

      Oh, I can see the positives to doing buying into this. And the cons. But I think the price is too high. If you have the expendable funds, I say go for it. That said, just like many had pointed out, there are ways to get your books into the hands of readers at a much cheaper cost. And as with everything, there is no guarantee that you will funnel in a return, reviews, or gain the holy grail of discoverability.


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