Hump Day Kick Start – Yes or No Glamour Edition

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.

yes or no

Let’s glam this prompt up.

This scene could be a yes or no scenario. Who is today’s lucky couple? What’s going on? Could she be succumbing to him despite how it would be so wrong? Is she loving the way his lean body feels? Does she welcome his touch or not? Maybe she’s in love with another man. Or maybe he is saying goodbye to her. What if she’s an Olympian goddess realizing that she can never stay with this mortal man.

I’d love to hear from you. Tell a tale or caption the pic.

6 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – Yes or No Glamour Edition

  1. rekenjura says:

    Another night another man.
    How did this happen? The call of glamor? Exotic places, designer gowns, furs, jewels. All the trappings of the good life. What a laugh. Believed the lies and lost my innocence.

    Sure the money is good, but what about my soul? At least this one is good looking and his body—well who would turn him down. But, this is no Cinderella fantasy, and I’m not starring in Pretty Woman remake, sure as hell won’t be any knight on his great white steed to rescue me. More than likely that weasel Jeff will try to pull me under his “protection.” As if that would happen.

    Enough wistful musings, time to look interested in Mr. Noname. He expects to get his money’s worth and at twenty-five hundred a night, he deserves my full attention.


  2. jeff7salter says:

    Vanessa groaned.
    “No, Rudy, NO!”
    “What’s wrong now?” asked Rudy, fresh from his shower and not yet shirted for their evening at the Theatre.
    “I don’t want you practicing the lines from this play.”
    “Why not?” he asked. “I’m all about this culture thing… and it’s for you that I’m putting up with it.”
    “Culture, yes,” she replied. “But when you decide to mimic Brutus, you do NOT need to grab my face like this.”
    “But the line reads, ‘Lend me your ear!'” he said, as he sloshed the remaining beer in his can. “And I can be as high brow as the rest of those slugs.”
    “I appreciate your willingness to go with me and I know you don’t care for Shakespeare, but you can’t keep fondling my ear.”
    “Okay, keep your ear. What can I fondle?”
    “After the play, and IF you behave…” she said slyly. “You can fondle everything else.”
    “Et tu, Brute?” he asked, with a smile.


  3. pibarrington says:

    Sometimes the romance is off the silver screen as well as on it…


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