Friday Fun Facts-Kissing

We all love to do it. But do you really know about kissing? Read on and find out!

  1. A German researcher noted that 2/3 of all couples lean their head to the right when going in for a kiss. Why? They theorize it all starts in the womb where the baby naturally tilts their head to the right most of the time.P7preg-24_1494409i
  2. In order to give 1 kiss, you must coordinate 146 muscles! Scientist used an MRI to study kissing couples and come up with this juicy tidbit.
  3. I’m sure you’ve seen XOXO signed on cards and letters as a sign of affection. Hugs and kisses…awwww. History is not as sentimental- The X came about because peasants in medieval times couldn’t write so they used the letter as a stand in for their name. Often times they would kiss the document as an added show of sincerity. Hence, the O.Lips
  4. King Henry VI banned kissing! What?!? Yep. In 1438, he banned it to cut down on diseases. Interesting to note that his wife had to take over the kingdom by 1453 because he became quite a coo coo. Unfortunately, this idea spread and in Naples, not only was it banned, but it became punishable by death!1
  5. Think of great Hollywood kissing scenes…they were all heavily regulated by censors. Married couples had to sleep in twin beds, and if they did kiss, one had to have their feet on the floor. Kisses weren’t allowed to last more than 3 seconds. Absolutely no kissing while laying down together! Sheesh- these rules weren’t let go of until the late 1960s.RhetandScarlett
  6. Philematology is the name of the science of kissing. If you study this, then you are an osculologist.
  7. A study was once done to discover that husbands who get a kiss on the cheek every morning before going to work lived 5 years longer than those who worked kissless. What happened to the women?
  8. The average person spends approximately 2 weeks of their life kissing.
  9. E Harmony commissioned a study to be done to discover how many people do folks need to kiss before they find the right one. Results? Women=15 and Men=16.EHarmonyLogo
  10. Kissing is good for you! It burns calories,relieves aches and pains, bolsters your immune system, and (apparently) prevents cavities!!!
  11.  Kissing strangers is forbidden in Ceder Rapids, Iowa, and in Hartford Connecticut, woman can’t kiss their husbands on a Sunday! And (drum roll please) mustached men in Indiana can go to jail for habitually kissing human beings…whoa there’s got to be a story behind that one!

2 Responses to Friday Fun Facts-Kissing

  1. Loretta says:

    This covers the gamut! Anything from no kissing, to no kissing with a mustache to how long and what position should the best kiss be? 🙂 I loved that stats were done on a male’s longevity if kissed and kissed well, but nada on a female. Hmmmm… this could set off a whole other set of feminist’s discussions! What’s up with that, boys? Sheesh! 😉 🙂


  2. jeff7salter says:

    uh oh… guys with a mustache can’t kiss in Indiana? yikes


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