Friday Fun Facts- Storms

It has been pouring cats and dogs for hours here in Houston. We have had major flooding rains for the last month and this is one more round of pounding water to add to the still swollen creeks and lakes. How appropriate that we learn something new about storms! Maybe one of these tidbits will find its way into a story that you’re writing-


Houston- What it looked like early this morning!

  1. There can not be thunder without lightning. Really? Yep. It’s the charge from the lightning that causes the thunder. You may not always see it, but if there’s thunder, watch out!
  2. 80% of all lightning stays hidden within the clouds. So what you see isn’t all you get.
  3. The surges of electricity within streaks of lightning can be compared to 100 million light bulbs.
  4. The great storm of 1793 killed 8,000 people in southern England.
  5. A storm that hit Arkansas in 1974 brought something besides rain. Folks were pelted with frozen ducks that had been killed by a blast of super cold air!download (1)
  6. At any one time there are about 2000 storms happening on earth.
  7. On average, a severe storm can produce up to 6000 lightning strikes every minute!download
  8. This will freak you out!!!
  9. Thunder is hard to hear over 12 miles away.
  10. Aristotle believed that thunder was due to clouds running into each other.aristotle-17
  11. Once in England, it rained frogs. It happened after a particularly large water spout formed and sucked up thousands of the critters.
  12. In 1967, a hurricane created over 115 tornadoes in Texas!tornado+35
  13. A US government study showed that a small thunderstorm holds more than 33 million gallons of water.

One Response to Friday Fun Facts- Storms

  1. jbrayweber says:

    Ok. Now that video was scary. Yeah…I’ve seen The Mist and this reminded me of the movie. *shudders* I would have been running for my life while having a panic attack. Not standing there like that guy filming the whole thing.

    Great post.


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