Friday Fun Facts- Farting!

Now that’s a mouth full! So much alliteration in one line, it makes my head spin. Everybody does it. Some silent. Some will blow the house down. Some will curl its odoriferous tendrils around your unsuspecting nose until you are surrounded and helpless. Let’s learn some more about this gaseous expletive.

  1. Farting helps reduce blood pressure and is good for your health. (Unless you’re forced to smell other people’s farts!)
  2. A person will fart enough everyday to fill a balloon. Now that’s a lot of hot air.
  3. Farts burst forth from the body just under 7 miles per hour. (10 ft. per second)
  4. Most folks fart about 14 times a day on average.Funny-Fart-Meme-I-Dont-Always-Fart-In-My-Office-With-The-Door-Closed-Somebody-Immediately-Comes-In-To-Ask-A-Question-Picture
  5. Flatulence. (Sounds better than farting) It is caused by the trillions of bacteria that break down food during digestion. It manufactures a mix of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and sometimes methane.
  6. It’s the hydrogen sulfide that makes the stinky “rotten egg” smell.
  7. Guys may get more of a thrill and a chuckle out of farting, but female toots are way more lethal given a fart to fart ration. (Never in my wildest did I think I’d ever write that last sentence!!) Apparently, females have more of the stinky hydrogen sulfide in them.ds4vn
  8. ” Roman Emperor Claudius declared that “all Roman citizens should be allowed to pass gas whenever necessary,” which is an ancient variant of the modern maxim, “Wherever you be, let the wind blow free.” The ancient Japanese were said to have held “farting contests” to see who could break wind the loudest and longest. The Greek physician Hippocrates decreed that “Passing gas is necessary to well-being.” (I couldn’t bring myself to re-word this one so I pulled it directly off The Thunder Down Under‘s site.)
  9. Hitler had terrible gas.
  10. Old English= feortan, Today= fart
  11. Believe it or not- farting is a fetish. Yes, you read that right. Farting is a fetish. The correct term for this is eproctophilia.( Hmmmm,…………… I got nothin’)Funny-Fart-Meme-Girls-Did-You-Just-Fart-Because-You-Blew-Me-Away-Image
  12. Don’t try to hold in your farts too much. Why? It can cause a multitude of symptoms ranging from headaches to hemorrhoids.
  13. Remember I don’t make this stuff up! Sniffing farts can be healthy because it’s been found that sniffing small amounts of hydrogen sulfide can reverse mitochondrial damage and help avert strokes, dementia, heart attacks, and cancer. I want to know who did this research and how!!!!
  14. Dead people are busy farting and sometimes burping for up to 3 hours after they die, before rigor mortis sets in.
  15. Some people in China can make up to $50,000 a year smelling people’s farts and diagnosing digestive issues based on the smell.
  16. The Yanomami tribe in South America greet one another with loud friendly bursts.5dcccb4888fa0e5421968f1ffff87b2d43d96789f02ee3f6561f9672a33bbb33

One Response to Friday Fun Facts- Farting!

  1. jbrayweber says:

    Wow. So much I didn’t know. Wonder why? 😉
    Love the first meme. Haha!


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