Link Of The Week- Your Club For Sprints!

This is one very cool site for writers!

Feeling blah? No energy to write? Try joining in on the fun right here, right now!ShakleeBusiness-Typing


  • Join a sprint, and type your words in your web browser.
  • Other sprinters in the same sprint can see your word count, but not your words.
  • If you close your browser, your words will still be here when you return.
  • Auto-save to Dropbox by clicking the Dropbox icon () near the big text box. It’s blue when auto-save is on.
  • Every 100 words you type adds a star next to your name for all to see.

What’s a word sprint?

During a word sprint, you work on your novel/screenplay/blog/etc. while other writers do the same. On myWriteClub, rather than waiting until the end to share your word counts, you can see each other’s word counts grow during the sprint.

How do word sprints work?

  • Sprints start every half hour and last 25 minutes.
  • Each sprint represents a group of people. If you move to a different sprint, the words you’ve written will follow you.
  • You earn stars!
    • = 100 words
    • = 1000 words
  • The progress bars count up to 100 and then start over for the next star.
  • There’s a five-minute suggested break period between sprints, but if you’re on a roll, feel free to keep writing!

Is my work auto-saved?

Yes, your work is automatically saved in your web browser as you type. If you refresh or close your browser, your work will be here waiting for you when you return. However, if your computer bursts into flames or gets thrown out a window, or if you clear your browser’s local storage, you’ll probably lose your work. That’s why you should read the next paragraph.

You can connect to your Dropbox account by clicking the Dropbox icon () near the big text box. Once you’ve done this, the icon turns blue, and your work will be saved once per minute to a new “myWriteClub” folder that will be created for you. The myWriteClub app will not be able to access any other folder in your Dropbox.

Is my work private?

Yes. Only your word count is shared. The actual words you write are never sent to myWriteClub; they are only stored on your computer and in your Dropbox, as described above.”nagato-typing

3 Responses to Link Of The Week- Your Club For Sprints!

  1. pibarrington says:

    Wow! This sounds fun and safe! Thanks Stacey!


  2. Will Graham says:

    Signed up! Thank you for the info, Stacey!


  3. I saw that you had signed up! When summer dies down, I challenge you to some sprinting!!


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