Hump Day Kick Start – The Distance Edition

Hump Day Kick Start – for your muse, a writing picture prompt, or just a visual treat.


The tension is high in today’s prompt.

Who are they? Could we take a step back in time for this pic? Would he be recently back from the war, trying to repair his broken marriage? What is that expression on her face? Longing? Resignation? Desire? Did they have an argument? Perhaps they had just separated from a moment of forbidden passion. Could he be about to tame the wild flame that is his woman? Or is he about to leave for good this time.

What do you think? Tell me a tale or caption the photo.

6 Responses to Hump Day Kick Start – The Distance Edition

  1. jeff7salter says:

    hey, she’s CUTE.
    Thanks for the eye candy.
    Okay, here’s their story:
    – – –
    The worker stormed into the darkened room, spotted the empty basket, and demanded, “What did you do with my cherries?”
    Yvonne, startled at his sudden appearance, lurched backward and basically fell onto the table where she then sat, rather awkwardly and waited to see what he really wanted.
    “I said, what happened to my cherries? I spent an hour picking those.”
    She eyed him cautiously. He was new to the estate, having apparently arrived only the week before. Didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the employees — whether they worked on the grounds or inside any of the multiple structures on this vast estate.
    “I saw the basket outside on the manor steps,” she said finally. “I just brought them in to keep the sun off the cherries.”
    He craned his neck to see around her. Though it took considerable effort not to scrutinize her lovely form and beautiful face. “so where are those cherries now?”
    She had to think quickly. The wrong answer might make him even angrier. Yvonne had no higher position in the estate staff than did the surly but handsome man standing directly in front of her. “Would you believe I gave them to the cook to make a cobbler?”
    He moved closer… menacing. “No, because it’s the cook’s afternoon off. Now where are my cherries?”
    She gulped. “I’m afraid they’re gone. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?”
    He licked his lips, perhaps thinking of the cherries he’d been cheated of. Then he removed his hat and smiled, with no apparent humor intended. “Cherries are cherries…”


  2. jbrayweber says:

    Oh, you wonderfully bad man, Jeff. I love it! And, ya know, I’m still wondering what happened to the cherries.


  3. Will Graham says:

    “You bastard. You say you love me, but you come over here without a single Black and White cookie. Get out of my sight before I call William and tell him how you treat me. You son of a bitch, you better NOT come back unless you have a supply….”


  4. jbrayweber says:

    LOL! No cookie, no love. 😉


  5. rekenjura says:

    “Uh-oh, I don’t think they fixed the trans-time teleporter.” He blinked twice. Damn he was sitting on this damn table in a dress and white silk stockings that rode his thighs. Thighs that would look a damn site better on her than him.
    “Well there’s an item to check off my bucket list.” It took every bit of will power she could muster not to laugh. Jax, the he-man was sitting on the table, legs spread, dress pulled up on his legs and stockings. And he had boobs. Oh for a camera.
    “And what might that be. Don’t laugh. This is serious, how the hell are we going to complete the mission?”
    “Oh, my dream of growing a pair just came true. Isn’t that what all you men think women want to do?”
    “Cut the comedy Ja-nine, we have a problem.”
    “I don’t know, it can work, we just have to change the plan a bit, tweak it. I will handle you end and you can do mine.”
    “And how the hell am I supposed to seduce the mark?”
    “Well, just do what you are doing now, you look damn hot.” Oh she was enjoying this. Of course it wouldn’t last long. The system would realize the mistake and switch them. But she was going to make the most of it right now. Jax needed to be taken down a bit. She could hope it would give him some perspective, but it wouldn’t. He would just chop at the bit and grumble until they reversed bodies.
    She walked toward him, stopping as she stood between his legs. “Hey sweet cakes you wanna a…..”the world flashed and she found herself looking up into his grinning face.
    “You were asking?”
    “Never mind” she shoved him back, then jumped off the table and away from him. When would she learn to keep her mouth shut.


  6. jbrayweber says:

    Now that’s a different spin on things, Ruth. I love it, especially the end. What fun could come of that.


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